About Me

I'm April. I hate my name. It sounds like a pin-up girl. But it's what my parents gave me.

I have a very tall husband with dark brown hair and a kind heart.

I have three kids. Thomas Benjamin was born after ten years of wishing for a baby.  Amelie Brooke came five years later. Henry Wyatt didn't make us wait.  He came ten months after his sister. Yes, you read that right. Ten months.

Our life is crazy, happy, loud, messy, difficult and blissful.  We have a large chocolate standard poodle because we like things just that much more maniacal.  We live in Carlsbad, California close to the ocean.

I blog about stuff. Because I don't have a therapist.


If you have an illustration request or some other question, you can email me at secondsisterjewelry@yahoo.com.