Thursday, February 25, 2010

my friend shana rae

A few days ago, I received an surprise gift from a friend. I just love when that happens, don't you?

Shana Rae is a photographer that I have talked about before here on Suaviloquy. She is the mastermind behind The Florabella Collection, textures and actions. She sent me her textures to try.

I couldn't wait to use them so I snapped some photos of still life in my studio.

Now, although my photography skills don't even grace the hem of Shana Rae's talent, I was pretty pleased with the results.

The Florabella Collection is very reasonably priced and money well spent if you fancy photography. Just you wait. I'm honing my skills and I might become the next big thing to hit the photography scene.

Not bloody likely, but nice thought eh?

Thanks, Shana Rae. You're a peach.


Here's a few pics from our big day yesterday. Yes, that is a big goose egg on Birdie's forehead, and no, the Judge didn't even ask us about it.

Birdie was uncharacteristically charming and sweet to everyone and the Judge was very kind and happy to be doing his job.

It was a good day.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

and she's ours.....


photo by little ol' moi, "Sweet Amelie"( more on this tomorrow)

Today is the big day.

Today the courts stamp the papers.

Today we become legally responsible for our daughter. Heaven help us. Seriously. Heaven, please help us be the best parents possible.

We are to be at the court at 8:30. Eight-thirty a.m. That's what you get when you let Sugar Daddy arrange things. He's an early riser, that one.

Me, not so much.

But maybe it's a good thing because as of late our sweet little bird has been cutting teeth, and folks, it's been ugly.

I'm starting to wonder if she might be cutting fangs.

If we can catch her after her breakfast and Tylenol and before her morning nap we may have a fair chance of getting some semi-decent photos.

But I'm not holding my breath.

No, today is a day to exhale. No more papers. No more social worker visits. No more interferences with the Lord's grand plan.


Monday, February 22, 2010


Everybody is so gaga over beach cruisers these days. Have you noticed it? It's become a trend like oil cloth shopping bags and eating overpriced cupcakes (not that there is
anything wrong with either of those things). Maybe it's all part of the going green trend as a whole. Who knows?

I live at the beach and quite frankly I don't see a whole lot of shiny pink bikes along the 101. No, they are more of the 1970's rusted out ten speed with the jimmy rigged, handy dandy board carrier on the side and the little pouch under the seat to hold a doobie or two. Not that I know anything about that kind of stuff. I just live here.

Still, charming, but not the Marsha Brady number that everyone is riding around their neighborhood with the basket on the front and a bell on the handlebar. I think maybe they should be sold as "Suburban Cruisers". I like to call a spade a spade.

So the whole "surburban cruiser" thing just passed me right up. I wish I could say the same for the fancy cupcakes, but I fell for that one hook, line and sinker.

Maybe it was the lack of gears that deterred me. It's really hilly around my house. Heaven forbid I work off a cupcake or two.

And then Andre the Greek bought his son a little motorcycle for Christmas. Let it be known that I have always been anti-motorcycle. He brought the damn thing over to our house to store until the big day. He made me take it for a spin through the neighborhood.

I'm still anti-motorcycle. Yes. But.

Sugar Daddy talked about getting a Vespa a few years back. I pushed for a nice watch. He bought a watch. Oh how I wish I had rallied for the scooter.

After I'm finished remodeling my studio, and saving for my Mac, I've got big plans.

I'm thinking the two toned model in robin's egg blue and cream (of course). However, the pistachio is nice. Smart looking in fact.

I'm going to need the top case to bring home my groceries from the market.

Oh, and a super fab helmet. Safety first.

And a retro green swimsuit to wear to the beach.

All I need you to do is buy some jewelry.



Vespa scooters are an Italian invention. The word Vespa means "wasp".

The winner of the beachy necklace is comment number sixty-five (choosen with the random number picker) Mandy of Dash it All. Congratulations! Please email me with your address.

secondsisterjewelry (at)

Friday, February 19, 2010

i'd like to file an extension please

Hey guys- super busy today. We will pick the winner of the beachy necklace tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the naked truth

photo by tsee

I stood naked, except for a pair of ridiculous Christmas socks, in front of the the dermatologist. I hadn't planned on this nakedness. I had scheduled the appointment because I had developed a tenacious rash on my face that I couldn't get rid of with cortisone. The rash, as my theory goes, is due to stress.

So I scheduled the appointment. When I was ushered back into the sterile little exam room the nurse asked if this was my first visit. When I responded that, yes, in fact it was, she said very matter of factually, "Oh then we should do a general examination. Please remove all your clothing and put on this gown."

Uh. Hello? I'm here for this red stuff on my face. What do you need with all the rest?

But I didn't say this out loud, because when you are the patient, you know your place, and your place is to let the doctor do their job and keep quiet. Yours is not to ask why.

Or so that is how you are made to feel.

So I stripped down to my birthday with the exception of the Christmas socks. And although I was really embarrassed to be wearing such an absurd item of clothing, my feet were really cold in that sterile little room.

After I had sat there on the hygienic paper sheath for a good half hour or so, in she came.

Beautiful. Tall. Arabic. Dark flawless skin. Shiny black hair. Eyelashes that reach to Mexico.

And there I was with my rash face and merry socks.

Oh and she was professional. "How long... make-up... sunscreen...medications?"

And then she proceeded with the exam.

This is how on a Friday afternoon I found myself standing naked in front of a stranger trying ever so hard to suck it in and roll my shoulders back for a little lift to the chest area.

She looked me over and asked me to remove my socks so she could see my feet.

"Mrs. Meeker, your skin looks healthy. You do have a mole on your backside that looks absolutely fine right now but let's just make sure to watch it. You can have your husband look at it every now and then."

Okay. A: backside? Backside as in my butt or my back or my thigh? B: why on God's green earth would I invite my husband to check out my mole? Nothing says sexy like a mole.

These thoughts must have been written all over my face because she quickly corrected herself and said, "Buttocks. The mole is on your buttocks. Sorry, my daughter says "backside" and it's become a habit for me."

And right then and there things changed. She was a mother! She wasn't a sophisticated person after all!

We ended up chatting and laughing over kids and their antics. I felt a whole lot better knowing that she was familiar with a post-natal body. Chances are she had a little sag of her own going on.

When a woman becomes a mother she is gifted with several supernatural powers. Among them are the ability to hear your own child cry when no one else can, super smell to sniff out a poopy diaper, eyes in the back of your head and last but not least, the power to become instant friends with other mothers you meet.

It's really quite a powerful thing this bond between mothers. We keep each other sane. Or at least we legitimize our insanity.

The bad news is I still have the rash and the mole on my backside. The good news is I've been practicing in front of the mirror and I think I've perfected a naked stance that makes me look the skinniest and the perkiest.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

beach bummin'

I've always thought that the dead of Winter was a good time to do a beach inspired post. I know you are probably stuck at home with the kids and the stinky wet snow boots and the heater drying out your sinuses. You probably aren't coming to Carlsbad this week, so I thought I'd come to you.

And just for fun, I thought I'd have a little giveaway of a necklace that might bring you just the slightest bit of remembrance of warmer days. Beach days.

Leave a comment to enter to win the above necklace. We will randomly pick a winner on Friday.

OR- don't enter. Just head on over to the shop and check out these "Mermaid" earrings that I'm having a awfully hard time parting with.

AND here's a few of my recent
illustrations that I think would
make great embroidery projects.
Try as he might, my dad just doesn't make a very sexy merman.

Monday, February 15, 2010



We would like to interrupt this blog to make the following announcement:

You see this baby? Yes, the little cherub in the above pic. That's the one.

As of 8:30 on February 24th the State of California will declare that she is all ours.

(Not that we needed them to tell us that.)

Please stay tuned for a ridiculous amount of pictures following this event.

the issue at hand

The whole thing started out in the garage. I had a desk out there with my hammers and torches and beads and a few friendly dead bugs, which I didn't care for much.

But the time had come for my own space. I commandeered the boys play room. What boy needs their own play room anyway? He's got a big closet.

We went to IKEA and invested in some furniture for my new room. (I like to say "invested" because it sounds so financially responsible.)

And then I outgrew that desk space so we added more. And it was at this point that I decided that the time had come for a full fledged studio. A art/craft room that would inspire me. But the issue at hand was paint color.

I started thinking about all my choices.

I thumbed through a ton of design books.

I listened to the experts and I convinced myself I wanted a subdued color like pistachio.

But the problem is that pistachio doesn't make my heart sing. No not at all. It makes me feel like reading and using big words and watching Nova on a Tuesday night. No, pistachio wouldn't do.

So it was back to the drawing board. And the more I sat in my studio and pontificated (big word because I had pistachio paint chips laying around), the more I pontificated what color would most inspire me, I realized that most of the art already up on the walls had robin's egg blue in it.

And then I had a duh moment and the decision was made. Robin's egg blue is what makes me happy.

When Jenny called to ask what I was up to I said, "Painting, and you're not going to guess the color! Pale aqua blue!"

And she said, "Well I could have told you that. It's your color."

I always thought eggplant was my color, but now I'm going to have to rethink my whole life.

All the above photos are by Lolas Room. Isn't she amazing?

I can't wait to share pics of the finished room. I hope it looks as good as it does in my mind.

1. Angora Bolero Jacket, 2. Pastel Roses II, 3. Untitled, 4. Turquoise, 5. pale blue dot 2, 6. collecting color, 7. Pretty Wrapping Paper, 8. some kind of magic, 9. the perfect fence, 10. a not so glamorous collection of aqua things, 11. Butterfly, 12. Using Texture 01, 13. channelling, 14. TEXTURE-T-150B, 15. Hotel Chatham Paris, 16. ATC Feather Mail (2)

Friday, February 12, 2010

between a rock and a hard place

I asked Sugar Daddy what he wants for Valentine's this year besides the obvious. He said he doesn't want any sugar for Valentines because he is trying to shed a few pounds. This puts me in a tough spot because candy is my go to with the hubby.

I thought about getting him a t-shirt or a new belt but after fifteen years of marriage those gifts are a little over done.

The happy ending is that being between a rock and a hard place gave me an idea.

A few months ago, Sugar Daddy moved into a new office and he said he wanted a low maintenance plant for his desk. I went to my stash of beach rocks, picked out a nice one and drew us as birds in white ink.

Then I got side tracked, as I tend to do, and drew on a whole bunch of rocks.

I had fun.

I used black and white ink with a calligraphy pen.

Then I went and bought an awesome apothecary jar, some charcoal, soil, moss and a darling little plant called "Moses in a Cradle". With a name like that, I had to have it.

I took everything home and assembled a terrarium for Sugar Daddy's desk.

This is how to assemble a terrarium:

I tried my hand at felting a little mushroom which turned out lame in a charming sort of way. But I also felted some green balls which are delightful.

I added my little love rock and sealed it with a kiss.

I'm giving it to him early because he barged into my studio unannounced (which is what we always do around here) and saw what I was up to.

I had left over moss and plants so I made a little sumpin' sumpin' for me too.

If you are stumped about what to give this Valentines, may I suggest you go to your favorite nature spot, pick up some rocks and create a minature ecosystem for your lovey. If you are thinking in your mind "But I can't draw", first I will say, stop whining. This isn't drawing, it's doodling. Everybody doodles. Then I will direct you to this children's book.

If you still don't think you can do it, go ahead and use stamps. Lame, but still cute.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

life with these kids

Things have been pretty hoppin' for me lately. Lots of Etsy sales. Lots of blog hits. Lots of chitter chatter with people who may or may not want me to design for them.

Life is swell. Hectic, but swell.

And sometimes I start to feeling like cool beans.

But then my mind quickly reverts back to something I heard a few years ago. I was at a big book conference hearing my favorite author speak about what it feels like to have won the Pulitzer prize.

He had his whole family with him at his table and prior to his speech he had been holding his new daughter Rosie. He walked to the podium, grasped the sides and said, "I know you are all wondering how it feels to be the Pulitzer winner. Well, I'll tell ya. It's awfully hard to feel cool when you are continually being shat upon by another human being." He then stepped to the side so that we could see his crap stained pants.

And so that's how it is. I'm really just a mom, trying ever so hard to look cool, but it just isn't fully possible when instead of shopping for fashion, I am coerced to drive DAILY to the quarter machines at Block Buster so the boy can get the latest kid craze- squishys. If you haven't heard of them, just wait.

And then there's Birdie. Talk about being shat upon. Three hundred and eighty-four baby wipes a day and believe you me, I'm in the poop trenches. Also, I find it very difficult to carry on a conversation with other adults when instead of watching the news and staying abreast of current affairs, my mind is being fed at a toddler level.

Although I do consider Feist to be a pop culture experience.

And that, dear friends, is the true state of affairs.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

told ya they rock

the winner and a freakin' awesome offer

Okay, do you see why Ebsi and the Brothers Record are AWESOME? Sorry to shout but, THEY ROCK!

This is a
seriously amazing offer and if you don't do it, quite frankly, you're a silly fool.

So go. Go now my little friends. Scurry away to claim your piece of the
Ebsi magic.

And then come back to me.

Oh and spread the love, spread the word. To sweeten the deal, if you refer a friend and they buy a package from the brothers, I'll hook you up with fifteen dollars off any Secondsister product.

Were givers, us Carlsbad people.

Monday, February 08, 2010


Chapter 1

And now it came to pass in the commencement of the two thousandth and ninth year in reign of the judges over the land that the boy child was waxing old in years and large in stature. And in those days I, April was sore afraid that my womb would nevermore bear seed. And I pleaded daily with the Lord that I might add to my posterity.
2 But behold the Lord God, in his wisdom, answered that the time was not neigh.
3 Great was my disappointment and I was exceedingly wroth insomuch that I was determined to understand the cause of this neglect. And I didst speak strong words to the Lord in supplication for reason for my tribulation. But my mind was a stupor and my heart was heavy laden.
4 And while I pondered and lamented my life, behold, the Lord appeared to me in a dream, coming to me as a llama.
5 And I was chasten for my ingratitude.
6 And my heart was softened.

Chapter 2

And it came to pass that shortly after I humbled myself before the Lord that a messenger came bearing glad tidings.
2 And I was blessed with an iPhone with which I learned that my home would soon welcome a new babe, born of another woman's womb, but which was meant for me.
3 And this woman was fair in the sight of the Lord for her good works.
4 And the babe was brought forth and laid in my arms and angels sang hallelujah about me and I fell to my knees and asked the Lord for forgiveness for my faithlessness and iniquity.
5 And I gave thanks to the Lord all my days everafter.

Chapter 3

After these things were past, the Lord planted a seed in my heart that I might share a message of hope to those of his children who weep day and night in unbelief that their righteous desires might be granted them.
2 And I, being a lazy and slothful servant of the Lord, stalled.
3 But thus saith the Lord, speak these things that I have shown thee that others might find faith.
4 And I knew what the Lord would have me do, but my cynicism was neigh at hand and I knew the hearts of the barren children of God, and I feared that they would stone me with nasty comments on my blog.
5 And this I did know because I had cast a stone or two in my unrighteousness.
6 And the Lord, knowing me to be a lazy and weak servant, presented me with opportunity to speak the things which he bade me speak.
7 So it was that after many promptings from the Lord that I began to feel ashamed of my unwillingness to serve.
8 And it is after that manner that I write these things and hope that thou wilts hear my message and that if it is to fall upon a heart of stone that it might bring hope and certitude.

(I've been known to pick the scriptures up every now and then. Shut up. It's true.

Judge not, that ye be judged.

I don't mean any sacrilege, I just think that each of us is writing our own story and when you learn something valuable, you ought to write it down. The prophets of old did it and their posterity is still learning from them. I think I should too. Infertility runs in the family.)

Hebrews 11:11
Through faith also Sara herself received strength to conceive seed, and was delivered of a child when she was past age, because she judged him faithful who had promised.

Friday, February 05, 2010

button bracelet tutorial

I've been totally slammed in such a happy, happy way with jewelry orders. My bff Jenny is coming to my rescue. She will be over later today with her sewing machine and nimble fingers. I'm putting her to work.

That's the thing I love most about Jenny. She's true blue through and through. She's always there when I'm in a pinch.

I made her this valentine. Andre the Greek and Sugar Daddy have been doing a lot of squid fishing as of late and I had sea creatures on the brain so I drew us as jellies.

And then I had the bright idea to make a bracelet to go along with it because, you know, I have soooo much extra time on my hands. It, of course had to be blue to match the card, with one pink button for quirkiness.

And then I thought I should do a tutorial about these button bracelets because they are a super fun and cheap project that you can do with kids and they make really great Valentine gifts.

So here it is, because I have soooo much extra time on my hands.


For a standard 7 1/2 bracelet you will need fifteen or so buttons, fifteen or so jump rings at least 8mm in diameter, a clasp, flat nose pliers. You can find all these things at your local craft store. Or if you are super lucky, you can snatch some vintage buttons out of your grandma's button jar. (I'm not that lucky)

Step 1:
The golden rule to jump rings is "don't pull- twist". If you pull them apart you won't be able to get them back into shape. Instead hold one side with one hand and then grasp the other side with your pliers and twist.

Thread the jump ring through one of the button holes.

Step 2:
Add two buttons on each jump ring so that you form a chain.

Keep going until you reach your desired length and then add on one more jump ring to one end and a clasp to the other.

Simple simple simple. This is a really great crafts for kids and all you need to do to make your bracelet more mature is to use fancier buttons. It is extra special if you can add a button off a loved ones clothing. Baby buttons are ridiculously cute. Give it a go and let me see your finished projects!

FYI: I will be adding a few more items into my shop later today and into the weekend.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

winter? what winter?

Are you nesting?

Are you hunkered down in your fuzzy socks, eating soup and watching the snow fall?

Not me!

As a designer I'm already well into Spring.

I'm shopping for butter yellow duponi silk and periwinkle enamel flowers.

I'm looking at
Shana Rae's photographs and pondering how I might interpret them into something that dangles from your ears or glitters about your collarbones.

Shana Rae's work makes me weak in the knees. I think I love her.

I'm starting to get my bearings on what Secondsister Spring is all about.
And I'm looking at my past Spring items for new inspiration.

The last photo is a set of earrings I just posted yesterday. They are in the shop. If you can't live without them, I understand. I'm making a pair for myself.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Don't forget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You have until the 10th to enter to win the custom blog design package. Scroll down and leave a comment on yesterday's post!