Thursday, February 04, 2010

winter? what winter?

Are you nesting?

Are you hunkered down in your fuzzy socks, eating soup and watching the snow fall?

Not me!

As a designer I'm already well into Spring.

I'm shopping for butter yellow duponi silk and periwinkle enamel flowers.

I'm looking at
Shana Rae's photographs and pondering how I might interpret them into something that dangles from your ears or glitters about your collarbones.

Shana Rae's work makes me weak in the knees. I think I love her.

I'm starting to get my bearings on what Secondsister Spring is all about.
And I'm looking at my past Spring items for new inspiration.

The last photo is a set of earrings I just posted yesterday. They are in the shop. If you can't live without them, I understand. I'm making a pair for myself.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Don't forget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You have until the 10th to enter to win the custom blog design package. Scroll down and leave a comment on yesterday's post!


Amber Zimmerman said...

Love the bird in the treebranch necklace! *Swoooon* =)

the emily said...

Nesting...wishing for spring...watching the snow fall. You nailed it. LOVE those earrings.

From the Kitchen said...

Thank you, April, for the touch of spring. The Chicago area is bracing (ha, we never brace we just load up the salt trucks) for snow to start tonight through tomorrow night.

Kate and Oli said...

shana rae's work is beautiful!

I found your blog through the Etsy forums and just wanted to say hi and that your blog is lovely! Have a beautiful week!

xo, Katie

Shana Rae said...

You are amazing... I'm so glad you love me!! I ♥ you too... seriously- you have some talent (and good taste, if I don't say so myself)!

I think we need to work together somehow... hmmmm.....

Thanks for the lovely mention!

Shana Rae

Ivy said...

Oh, so pretty! It makes me want spring so badly! (Or, well, seasons at all. Silly Northern California.)

Aimee said...

LOVE the bird necklace. Looked at your store and there wasn't one there. Any chance of you making another. CUTE, cute.