Monday, February 15, 2010

the issue at hand

The whole thing started out in the garage. I had a desk out there with my hammers and torches and beads and a few friendly dead bugs, which I didn't care for much.

But the time had come for my own space. I commandeered the boys play room. What boy needs their own play room anyway? He's got a big closet.

We went to IKEA and invested in some furniture for my new room. (I like to say "invested" because it sounds so financially responsible.)

And then I outgrew that desk space so we added more. And it was at this point that I decided that the time had come for a full fledged studio. A art/craft room that would inspire me. But the issue at hand was paint color.

I started thinking about all my choices.

I thumbed through a ton of design books.

I listened to the experts and I convinced myself I wanted a subdued color like pistachio.

But the problem is that pistachio doesn't make my heart sing. No not at all. It makes me feel like reading and using big words and watching Nova on a Tuesday night. No, pistachio wouldn't do.

So it was back to the drawing board. And the more I sat in my studio and pontificated (big word because I had pistachio paint chips laying around), the more I pontificated what color would most inspire me, I realized that most of the art already up on the walls had robin's egg blue in it.

And then I had a duh moment and the decision was made. Robin's egg blue is what makes me happy.

When Jenny called to ask what I was up to I said, "Painting, and you're not going to guess the color! Pale aqua blue!"

And she said, "Well I could have told you that. It's your color."

I always thought eggplant was my color, but now I'm going to have to rethink my whole life.

All the above photos are by Lolas Room. Isn't she amazing?

I can't wait to share pics of the finished room. I hope it looks as good as it does in my mind.

1. Angora Bolero Jacket, 2. Pastel Roses II, 3. Untitled, 4. Turquoise, 5. pale blue dot 2, 6. collecting color, 7. Pretty Wrapping Paper, 8. some kind of magic, 9. the perfect fence, 10. a not so glamorous collection of aqua things, 11. Butterfly, 12. Using Texture 01, 13. channelling, 14. TEXTURE-T-150B, 15. Hotel Chatham Paris, 16. ATC Feather Mail (2)


Julie said...

I'll confess...I sneaked up to your art room while you were snoozing. The color is SO you and so beautiful. Ben enjoyed showing off his half-done handiwork. All your goodies made me want to lock myself in there for a day or so. SO fun!

margie said...

mmmmmmmmm delicious...i love this's in my top 3...
can't wait to see the reveal...
kiss kiss
ps wore my pink black necklace to dinner at my moms...she LOVED and wants the grandma discount...LOL

Jill said...

Blue really IS your color! Hopefully I'll get to see your amazing craft room soon! Love ya!

Jerusalem said...

I just painted some lamps and a table a color called "always aqua" and I LOVE them. Can't wait to see your studio!!