Monday, February 25, 2013

friendship garland

My daughter has so many cute friends, but unfortunately not many of them live close to us.

I decided to make her something to help her feel closer to her girlfriends that live far away.  I saw a paper doll garland on Pintrest that sparked an idea.

This garland was super simple and cheap to make.  The most expensive part was the fabric stiffener I used to make the dolls stand upright.  I used scraps of fabric for the dresses.  One important thing, as I have said before, is to use good felt. I have a local quilt shop that sells quality felt. Search one out. It will make a lot of difference in your end product.

Top roll:
Charley, Patterson, Ivy
Bottom roll:
Eloise, Amelie, Emerson

Monday, February 11, 2013

the woodland project

I have been painting lately.

To be more specific, I've been painting woodland animals.  I'm working on a collection. It's a project.

What it really is is a distraction. Because, you see, lately I've felt a little inundated with bad news. Stressful news.  It doesn't help that I'm a bit of a news junky. I read every little bit of bad news out there. And we all know how the media just loves to make every thing dooms day.

I should just stop reading the news. But then I would feel uninformed. So I read.

So I'm painting woodland animals.

Because they are innocent and not at all scandalous.

And fluffy.

I think I'll paint a squirrel next.