Monday, February 11, 2013

the woodland project

I have been painting lately.

To be more specific, I've been painting woodland animals.  I'm working on a collection. It's a project.

What it really is is a distraction. Because, you see, lately I've felt a little inundated with bad news. Stressful news.  It doesn't help that I'm a bit of a news junky. I read every little bit of bad news out there. And we all know how the media just loves to make every thing dooms day.

I should just stop reading the news. But then I would feel uninformed. So I read.

So I'm painting woodland animals.

Because they are innocent and not at all scandalous.

And fluffy.

I think I'll paint a squirrel next.


peacay said...

April..pssst.. just wondering if the yahoo email a/c has been hacked? I got a very weird email tonight.

Shelley Whiting's art said...

I love your animals. They are very fun and I love their colorful expressions.

Unknown said...

nice your picture

Unknown said...

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