Wednesday, February 03, 2010

the d.l.

Hello Feburary!

Only sixteen posts in January! Whoopee! I'm starting 2KX off with a bang.

I know I've been a little MIA as of late.

Here's the DL on my absence.

I went to CHA for a little R& R. Turns out there wasn't much R&R to be had. MRA had her minions working away like mad turning her booth into a pink wonderland. She rocked the cazba at the show and thanks to her FHO she had the best booth around. We saw a few SW's and LOL alot.

So I did the CHA thing with Margie then I came home and worked like MADD on my Spring jewelry line. Margie, Rhonna and Liz all wore my necklaces at the show and they passed out a cabillion business cards for me so I thought it might be a good idea to at least, you know, add a few new items to ye ol' shoppe.


My minions were working feverishly at pimping out my new website and giving this here blog a little TLC. Oh yeah. They rocked. Don't you think?

The Brother's Record, AKA Ebsi, are good friends of mine ( not quite BFF, but along those lines) that just happen to own an awesome website/blog design company. Now isn't that just convenient for me?

Seriously, check these guys out. I am excited to be working for Ebsi, helping them design blogs for girls like me. SAHM's who should have, nay, deserve, blogs that pop.

Oh and BTW, Ebsi is giving away a
free custom blog template
to one of my readers. A template that no one else will have. It will be yours, all yours. Here's the catch. You must leave a comment, just one please, telling the Brother's why they should pimp your blog. If you blog about this giveaway, we'll give ya more consideration than the non-blogger abouters. Fair is fair. A winner will be selected on the morning of February 10th. You'll be SOL if you don't get your comment in by then.

In between working in my art room, talking and texting and emailing the Brothers like crazy, trying to get our adoption finalized, drawing illustrations for the Brothers to use, changin' butts and takin' names and generally TCB, I've not been blogging.

So there you have it. The DL on my DIYADD life.

P.S. VCO's stay away. If you leave a comment correcting my use of acronyms I will publicly poke fun of you. At this time I'm only accepting drawing entries and accolades for my new blog and jewelry line. Thank you for your cooperation.


Just in case you aren't one of the cool kids that stays abreast of urban acronyms I'll help you out a little.

DL: Down low
CHA: Craft and Hobby Show
MRA: Margie Romney-Aslett
R&R: Rest and relaxation
2KX: 2010
FHO: Friends helping others
PJ: Personal joke
BTW: By the way
BFF: Best friends forever
LOL: Laughed out loud
MADD: Mothers against drunk drivers
TLC: Tender loving care
SAHM: Stay at home mom
VCO: Vocabulary corrections officer
AKA: Also known as
DIYADD: Do it yourself attention deficit disorder
SOL: (if you don't know what this means, you're better off not knowing)



Heather Carson said...

Fun! Love the new site/blog look. LOVE your art.

Amy said...

LOVED this post! I LMAO... Here is the deal. I decided that I needed my own custom blog design because... I am PWT (poor white trash) and that is a luxury in a recession, I have a big mouth and would be great advertising, I loved the second sister's new blog, I really LMAO at the acronyms, and I do watch pimp my I am asking the brothers to PIMP MY BLOG!

DomestiKatie. said...

i have been slaving away on photoshop tutorials and poring over other blogs and holing up in corners of barnes and noble with design books and everything-you-can-think-of-for-dummies (i even found an anger management for dummies to help me cope with this) to teach myself how to make my own layout, since i can't afford to pay someone else.
i finally gave up and make a header out of scrapbook paper and scanned it in. i feel like such a cheater. and it's the only thing i can figure out how to do on my own, so i've hit a wall.
i will do whatever it takes to win this.



wadev said...

Yikies! Pick me! I just started an Etsy site and am looking for a companion "coolness" blog. Thanks for the giveaway and love the acronyms list!

Elizabeth said...

That's a fantastic post - TAFP! Before I scrolled down and got to the giveaway part, I was oohing and aahing at the beautiful blog design. And since I've been looking for someone to spruce up my own blog and bail me out of technical not know-how, I'd love to enter the giveaway! The reason? I want my blog to express myself but also my daughter and her special needs --
Finally, that necklace at the top: is it available for purchase?

Studio 111 said...

I really hope I win!

I just blogged about the giveaway...

Elizabeth said...

I just ordered the necklace and wanted to let you know that I'd like the longer version -- not sure if my extra comment on the order form went through! Thanks!

EricaTakesPictures said...

I'd love to win this custom blog layout! My blog is BRAND new and doesn't look so hot, so I think this would be great! The layout you have now is really rad, too! Awesome blog.

Contact information-
Etsy username: ericatakespictures


melissa said...

i think this is the second time I have visited this blog and low and behold a giveaway! Yay!

Several years ago I startd a business scrapbooking for others. Had an official website and later created a blog (my current blog). By day I would lead a not-so-glamourous life working in the music industry in Los Angeles and by night I would scrapbook. I burned out. I lost my passion. I couldn't get inspired by others photographs. So I let it go...

Then, in July, I left my career to stay at home. I pouted for the first several months, but knew being home was the right thing for us.

Dying to be creative again, I had a new "vision"....I wanted to do something that was truly, quintessentially me...and "Madabella & Co." was purposed in my heart. This time, my creative goals would be inspired, not by others, but by my two daughters, Madelyn and Isabella (hence the name Madabella). They are my muse. And when I think of giving up, I will think of them...

So the Madabella & Co. blog is still evolving, in part because my minds eyes are bigger than my hands, but it is about using art and creativity to discover the stories of our hearts.

Madabella & Co. will reflect the happenings of what I hope to do in my community...such as motivational workshops with an art component (I did one already and it was such an awesome experience). It will also be a place to share, inspire and grow.

Some of the New Blog sections for Madabella are:

+ The Art of Business :: Findings, learnings, discoveries, successes, challenges of launching Madabella & Co.

+ She Inspires :: Featured designers, artists, seekers who inspire and teach me from their sheer awesomeness

+ Soul Food :: Passages, stories and stories of lessons learned on the roadway of faith

So basically, I need a makeover...out with the pink, pink and pink of my current blog! LOL!

Now I will get off my soap box...but I'm just really passionate and excited about making this a reality...

thank you....

susan said...

I am way too cool of a girl to have the bland blog I have. I need some pizazz! I am posting on my blog about the give away too. My fingers are crossed!

Aloquin said...

Fantastic post! I can't believe I only found your blog now, but I'm following now... wouldn't want to be SOL, after all... ;) LOL

Nicole K/GothamGal said...

Hey there!
Thanks for the chance to win. I love that you posted on 2 Peas and I'm now following your blog (does anyone else ever think that the idea of 'following' someone on their blog is weird, or is that just me? ::crickets::).
Will also blog about this, because I really want, er I mean, NEED a template for my blog.
Why? Because I have totally over-committed myself and blogger, like facebook, has proven to turn me into a slobbering mess of uselessness. Blogger and Facebook make me think I know nothing about computers.
And, my current layout is all sorts of weird. There's snowmen (have no idea when THAT happened), color and bright things and some really odd bits of things.
Really, I'd just like a sort of Batman thing, as my name is GothamGal. So I think I'd be really fun to work with and probably be up to telling everyone where I got the new look and that would probably lead to more business for the company, so really... Um, yeah.

Please pick me! I've had a crap day. Woke up with a sore hip (and I'm only 30, so I have no idea why!), my sidewall of my tire exploded and had to go and buy 4 new tires and I've only had half a glass of iced tea. So, yeah, I'm complaining. Sorry.

Good luck to all and that.

Erin Bassett said...

Your blog looks amazing...totally rocks!

I could totally use a blog-makeover...I've been blogging for 5 years and I think I've only changed my look once. Sad!

Anne said...

Hi there! Thanks for the generous giveaway! I would love a new look for my blog! Right now it is pretty plain-jane blue and boring. It doesn't reflect my artistic nature. And I've been told that the typeface in my header is too goth for such a cheerful person. I am also planning to migrate soon to WordPress and there is so much to learn! I would adore having a new custom theme for WordPress (self-hosted) that reflected my art and cheerful personality. I could even provide some art files to get incorporated. I'd love to see something in maybe a friendly orange or an earthy green. Maybe with trees and butterflies or knights and ladies from Camelot. I blogged about the giveaway to spread the word. Pick me! Pick me! :-)

nickandstaci said...

Love your blog! Just found you! I would love to have a new header, I so need it ;)

Baird Family said...

LOVE your new jewelry designs! I absolutely love the butterfly necklace that Lizzy showed on her blog. Wish I had the extra cash...

lora96 said...


First, your blog's gorgeous. I'm a newbie and I admire the abundant beauty.

Secondly, my blog has a generic black backdrop and a photo of me. Not the *most* exquisitely appealing design. I would love to have it improved.

Also, in the interest of shameless self-promotion, I blogged about it for bonus points!

Thanks :)

phyllis said...

Thanks for the explanations - I really felt old trying to read your post. Your jewelry and the wreath are gorgeous! I'm digging into my stash to begin making a wreath - thanks for sharing.

Kristi Kroeger said...

I need a big ol blog pimp. After Sucrose guy lost his job, and subsequently the car and the health insurance that came with it, we drained ye ol' life saving and brought "Livin on the edge" to a whole new level. So, I started my own biz helping warp young minds called "The Bookworm Project" Pimpin the blog would pump up the biz for sure! I would add that my life now is much like your days of finding coins in the couch cushins to buy York Peppermint patties. But add in three kids and two over sized dogs to the mix. Don't you wonder why I am not in a padded room somewhere?

lorie Tucker said...

Yummy jewelry. I'm going to buy something for myself for valentine's day. A little pick me up. I so enjoy your writing, your personality and your creativity. You are famous now for sure now that celeb M has been wearing your stuff. Now back to puruse your site. Love,

Pattie said...

Let me start by saying that I am so happy for finding this post (Yay Etsy!):D

I have had my blog for just about a year now, and I have fiddled with several templates, and on more occasions have built my own code (disastrous).

There was even an occasion where my blog was so disoriented that you couldn't go to the previous post, or even comment!
Here is the post I made when It happened

Here is the post for when I "fixed" the problem…and when you read it you will see how the problem wasn't REALLY fixed!
(oh and in this post it will show every post in the category…later I found out that it only showed 10…sigh…)

And, lets not get me started on my endeavor to make my blog more search friendly! ACK!! Can you say EPIC FAIL!! Because, I don't have to…I already did!

I have lost so many parts of my blog and even had to substitute things that I had just about given up on it.
That was until I resolved to just go ahead and pay someone to design my blog for me! I had money (after I sold my school books lol) I could raise some more from my family (wishful thinking)

Than I broke my nose in two places ……"COME ON JUST GIVE ME A BREAK!" that was how I felt.

After which I went through a big ordeal with my University (b/c I missed two finals that day) and had to close my shop because I couldn't continue to pay bigcartel to keep it open…(bye bye source of income).

But after it was all over I still felt like I could just look around and see if I could find someone…so look I did…

Yea…when I saw those design prices my jaw dropped and hit the floor (that is how I scratched my tooth in the front…jk)
I was blown away, and it wasn't by how gorgeous their portfolios were!

So that dream stopped there faster than you could do…just about anything!

So I went to this template place to find a generic template and try to turn it around into something that I could live with. I can say that I like close to nothing about my blog, I have talked to my boyfriend about it a lot, and he tells me that it is fine.

Fine is good I guess.

But! This giveaway is here and I am one long and detailed story of why I need this blog makeover from getting a …umm…BLOG MAKEOVER :D

So I am going to go make a blog post and skip what I normally do on Thursday (because it is just that important) and rally up my readers to comment on the post if they would like for me to win!

Sure they might enter the contest too, but that is a chance that I'm willing to take :)

Hope I win!!!!

pattieynm at gmail . com

{I'll be back tomorrow with a link to the post!}

debevans said...

I would like one because I'm doing a blog for a group of women who are trying to change their life in 2010 by getting healthy!


Clay & Emily said...

OOo I want to win! My husband and I have started an event planning company and really want our marketing, website and blog to portray our young, fun personalities! I would love to be a SAHM (working on the "mom" part soon!), working from home, doing what she loves and Clay (husband) and I are working so hard to make that happen! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

Pattie said...

Okay so it turns out that I was too excited to wait until tomorrow...sooo here is the post!

pattieynm at gmail . com

margie said...

OHM...(oh my heck)
you are beyond funny... <3 (love) this post...
it was so much having you with me at CHA...LOVED having all my bffs with me...Checking the SW's and LoAo...
love love love you girl...
love you...
ps i don't have to win... I know those BRO REC...
kiss kiss

Faux Martha said...

Well, the fact of the matter is that I want to be the baddest MOFO blogger in the frozen tundra of Minnesota....check it....

(thanks for finally bring big arse smiles to my face :)

gamybel said...

Beautiful sight! Love your jewelry!

Amber said...

Found you from Lizzie's blog and I love your drawings! I'm parked here for awhile to see all the goodness. =)
I would love a chance at a new blog template for my photog business. I have a website and no blog and have been looking for a good web designer for a photog blog! It would complete me. Heh. ;-)

Amber Zimmerman said...

The above comment is me. =)

cabio's craft corner said...

Although I am not a jewelry type of gal, but I love looking at all the cool things you created. Thanks for the treats of eye!

cottagerca said...

great post!!! Thanks for a chance at a great giveaway. Margie brought me to your blog. Great blog yourself. My sister and I are trying to get a blog going that reflects the 3 different types of cottage rentals we have. I have been seriously been considering taking a course to get this done.
Love that necklace!!!!

stacy di said...

your SHOP!! it's gorgeous! LOVE the new look to your blog too...oh, AND your spring line is great. You've been busy!!

just checked out the Ebsi website, and they are some talented folks...I'm starting a new business at the end of the year, and will definitely keep them in mind!! I'd love to win the template :)

Marianna said...

me so boring...I could use a good blog jazzing up. Also thanks for keeping me in the know with the hip acronyms! love that!


Sheila Cruz said...

Fact #1: Im new at this thing call blog Fact #2: My blog stink!! Fact #3: I would love to have a rock your world, hit on your face, come see my fab blog. Please, pretty please.

Bonafyde said...

Lets see it's been since last year January that I last posted to my blog publicly. In truth it just has never felt like the right fit for me. I have a vision of what I want it to look like and yet whenever I try to create it myself it comes out awful and I end up getting so discouraged and uninspired to blog there. I have a template up now but the cookie cutter look of it still doesn't feel right. I'd love the chance at winning some professional help, Lord knows I need it! ;)

Liv said...

I need this because, sometimes I look at my blog design and say boring.

This would help.

Chacoy said...

Ok so I don't have an acronym for the beautiful jewels, but I appreciate all of the helpful tidbits on the acronyms especially now that I know DIYADD is what I have!! teehee

I think the Reco Bro's (not queit Jo Bor's eh?)should pimpify my blog cuz my blog isn't me, and when people visit my blog, I want them to instantly see me, well not me, but me through my personality;}
I am very outgoing, I have a dry sense of humor, I love sarcasim,I L-O-V-E my son, I love people(ok not all of them). So if I had this blogover, I could sit back and let my blog speak for itself!(can you make it post to?)hmm... maybe that's next?

Thank you for the opprotunity!!
BTW: oh wow look at me go now.
I absolutely love your shop, it's got something for everyone!!(something everyone can get me)

Chacoy said...

Crap, I always forget somethin'.

I am a Second Sister too!
We must be kindred spirits!! LMAO
No I am not a stalker, or at least not in the real world;}(luckily for you)
Okay that's all bye~

Heather B said...

Everything is SO artsy and delicious. I want everything you create. Everything - no exageration.
Heather B

alicia said...

I could go on and on about how I need a new blog design because my husband just had cancer, and my adoption is sitting with the supreme court, or how I am getting ready to move into an RV with my husband and 4 kids. But really I just want them to choose me because my life is good and I am happy and ready to rock the blogging world.


So She Did said...

Pick me! Pick me! I just started Etsy shop about a month ago and i would like to work on blog also. And having cool design would be just great!

Lauren Ashly said...

Just recently found your blog, and LOVE your work. What an inspiration you are :)

Pick me because I am also a fellow Etsy-er and just started my blog! I have nothing on it yet, but could use an awesome re-design.


Michelle said...

Well, I officially have a new blog to stalk! Love your stuff and your blog is amazing. Please pick me to win because my blog is so blah. I'd be more inclined to write if it was cute. And I have like....8 whole entire you know, that's a lot of publicity for you and your blog boys!

emily said...

Your creations are beautiful! I want one of each ;)

WillowBean said...

Oh my heavens. I would love a blog overhaul! Scratch that, I need a blog overhaul. I would relish in the amazingness of my blog for days on end if I were to win such a freaking awesome prize. So, that said, please pick me!

kiki comin said...

i just need a new look. i'm sick of my old one and want one that fits my personality!:) thanks for the giveaway.

Lola said...

I love your jewelry, love your blog. Found you on Margie's blog. Love her and the wreath you made.

I would love to win the blog make over. We are a Scrapbook store that is holding on by a very thin thread. Maybe a new blog would make a difference. Who Know!

Thanks for the chance to WIN!

Sarah said...

PIMP my blog!!! Please people. I am better than a rounders with 3 columns!!!


chabot road said...

so cute, can't wait to read and see more!!!!!

Sophia said...

Love your jewelry and your awesome blog.

Hopped on over from Lizzy's blog...

Oh how I would love to win a blog make over, mine feels so tired and old and in need of a facelift...also because you feel pity for me for living so far away, like in South Africa!

Thanks for the chance to WIN! I can feel it in my bones it's mine already!!!

Anonymous said...

just love your jewels and your art and thank you so much for the wreath tutorial!!!

karen dunning said...

Your blog is sooo beautiful! I should be so lucky.

LynneForsythe said...

why I need a blog make-over....since my surgery and the regaining of my life....I have determined to be more!!! to achieve more!!! and a blog do-over would just add to this goal! am gonna hop over to the company and check them out.....a big thanks to Margie for leading me here!!

PS....your blog is FABULOUS!!!

Anne Thompson said...

Wow! I LOVE your blog! My poor blog could use some spiffing up. I have just used what was available free on blogspot as a template and haven't even begun to try to make it look cool. In fact, I have no idea how to do that! I think there's a lot that can be done with my site--I live in a renovated woodshed attached to my parents' house; I write "Anne's Notes from the Woodshed" and post a photo of my daily journal page each day on my blog ( ; I'd like to be able to play off the "notes from the woodshed" thing a bit more...well, you get the idea that I'm in serious need of some help here. I would LOVE to win this prize. Anne, yourmainestamper

Cyndi Rella said...

I am desperate for a blog design. I'm currently starting a Etsy shop and just need a creative boost to get me going. I've been busy for the last 2 years being PTA president and I need to get my creative gears to start moving again.

Relyn said...

I'm pretty sure I can't beat PWT Amy, but I'm gonna try. Will it help if I play on your sympathy and tell you I'm a poor elementary school teacher married to a high school English teacher. So, you see? We really are poor.

BTW, though hubby is an English teacher and my mom is a copy editor, I am NOT a VCO. Promise.

Anyway. We are far, far too poor to pay for the custom blog design that my lovely little blog must surely someday deserve. Are you feeling sorry for me yet?


Ok. How about this?

I really, really should win because I need a new BFF who is willing to be FHO. (The others, of course, being me and my little blog.) I promise I would treat my new and perfectly wonderful blog design with more TLC than any blog design has ever received.

More than that, I will treat the winners with TLC. I'll even start now. Just look. I've already posted about you, your gorgeous blog, your wonderful jewelry line, your amazing creativity, your sense of humor, your... (Too much? Nah.)

OK, so I really haven't posted yet. But, I will. Just come look Saturday morning, February 6. Please do. I need that EC (Extra consideration, extra credit - you choose). Take care. Happy weekend.

Modern Frills said...

Oh....pretty please:) I just set up my blog name. I need somewhere to write my quirky take on life. I really need to share with the world that my vintage cake stand shirts are cute and that my naughty 3 year old nephew points with his middle finger. (I am pretty sure he KNOWS what it means.)

To do this, I need a cool blog that has my style written all over it!

Please oh please....pick me!


Adam Heine said...

I'm a published author. Well, no, not yet, but soon. For reals, stop laughing. Anyway, I've got the common-but-works-for-me Rounders template and would love something with a little Thai and/or pirate flavor.

Oo, Thai pirates...

Kimber-Leigh said...

just found your site...and my daughter and i are so excited about the bracelet tutorial! thanks for sharing such a great idea.

i'd love a fresh look for my blog, i'm thinking something a bit more subdued and fresh!

by BB*Jayde said...

Hello good sir or ma'am,
I'm a single mother with 4 kids. I have no arms and no legs. I type ala Christopher Reeves style... with my blowie straw typer thingie.
My uncle's cousin's sister's brother's gold fish has recently just passed away and left a very large inheritance of $145,000,000 to it's next of kin... which is me.
I am already a trillionare because of the lucrative Western Union and Money Order business I've got going on. So, I would like to bestow the blessings of my inheritance on to you because I trust you and it's what my uncle's cousin's sister's brother's gold fish would have wanted. Normally I would require your full name, address, date of birth, social security number and bank account number to deposit this sum... and for you to promise me that the money will go to fund orphanages and other children born with no arms and no legs... But, today all I need to ask of you is to please give your BLOG MAKEOVER to my girl Patty @ OR, you can give it to me and I will give it to her.

Once she has received the free blog makeover, I will send you promptly a Money Order in the amount of $146,000,000. You can keep $145,000,000 for you troubles and kindly return the extra $1,000,000 to me in cash.
Thank you and good day.
Mrs. Antoinette Olga Oda Mae Brown Uzjebacca Shiznitty

kymmie said...

If I had a super fabulous, neato keen blog design, I would feel compelled to post more!

Michele Brooks said...

I just faved your etsy store. There's a couple of things I'd love to order from you!

I would love a new blog design! I just recently redubbed my blog "Oops...I arted" and would love to see someone's creative take on it.

Stef said...

Hi there!

I really love your writing - very entertaining! And, of course, I love to soak in the gorgeous pictures!

There are so many stories here in the comments with which I can't compete. I will say, though, that I would just love to win a makeover for my blog. It's new, it's plain, I don't even have a sidebar link to my new etsy store! eek! I don't have a clue about tech stuff and my slow-as-dial-up internet service contributes to a very slow learning curve. So, if you pick me, I'd be so thrilled, but just the same, I'm thrilled for you and your new blog design and all your success. Keep the inspiration coming!


Tracey said... I just came across YOUR blog, and I read it for the laughs (and the cuteness too, I'll admit). I was going to tell you why I wanted Ebsi to pimp my blog but I realized:
1. Amy deserves it (she posted a comment) cause her comment is HILARIOUS (seriously) and I'd choose her in a heartbeat, therefore I must not deserve it AND (this one is the biggie)
2. I don't already have a blog that I use regularly so it's not fair for me to win over funny people like Amy!
So GLG (good luck girls) and may the funniest one win!

zoesimm said...

found my way here via Margie's post...SO HAPPY to have found you & your yummy stuff! Congrats on expanding your venture...

Patti said...

After much fighting with my blog and photoshop (they are in cahoots to drive me to drink-oops already there!) it would be wonderful to have a saweet blog. Thanks for the opportunity!

Dandy said...

Found you thru Relyn and I am soooo glad I did!

Corinne said...

April, I love the new look and I just sent an inquiry to your friends for some help for Would love it for free though :)

Glad all is well with you. Time is flying by and we are all so busy, but I still want to work with you over at maya's!! Corinne

april said...

And were done. No more entries please!

april said...

And were done. No more entries please!