Wednesday, January 25, 2012

sometimes, paying more pays off

You know how sometimes in life you buy something and you have it for years and you love it and you think to yourself, man, that was so worth the money!

I love that. Don't you?

I've been thinking for a long time that I should write a post about some of my most favorite purchases ever. But I worried that it might be boring. But then today I was thinking, wouldn't it be nice to buy more great things? Wouldn't it be nice to know what gems other people have found?

So I'm sharing. I did not get paid by these companies to blog about their products. On the contrary, I paid full price for most these items and they weren't cheap.  The good stuff hardly ever is.

1. Smartwool Socks.  These socks will run you $12-25 a pair, but they are worth every penny. I have never gotten a blister while running in Smartwool and my feet are never cold. They last a long time.

2. Amazon Prime. Amazon has a service you can buy for $79 and all items marked prime on their site ship to you free two-day mail. It's kind of hard to fork over eighty bucks up front, but for me, it's paid for itself a hundred times over. I buy almost everything through Amazon. You can even get diapers.

3. Thule Cargo Box. I love, love, love, not having our luggage in the car when we go on road trips.  It makes the travel so much easier.  We can fit so much more into the cargo box than we can in the back of the car.

4. Victorinox Swiss Army Watch.  I got my watch for Christmas when I was first married. I wore that watch for fifteen years. The Sugar Daddy bought me a new watch a few years back that I also love, but I will always pull out my Victorinox when I am doing something active. It works as well as the day I got it. It's design is timeless.

5. Frye Harness Boots.  I was lucky enough to buy my boots on sale and I got a good deal, but even if I hadn't, I would consider them worth the price. They are super durable and comfortable. I wear them a lot every winter and quite frankly, they make me feel like a bad ass.

So, what I really want to know is what your all time favorite purchases are. I'm on the hunt for fabulous finds.

Help a sister out. Leave a comment and share.


stacee said...

love this post. We started talking at the adoption meeting because I was salivating over those BOOTS, how many years and kids ago!?!

Laurie LaRiviere said...

those are great finds April, not sure if your in for a couch or not, but we bought a lazy boy reclining couch 15 years ago, and it's still just perfect, I love it, never a problem, still comfy and operates great, I consider it one of my fave purchases

Emily Foley said...

I subscribe to Amazon moms and get Amazon Prime for free--the 2 day shipping, anyway--and I will definitely pay the price when my subscription runs out.

My husband uses smartwool socks, but they get holes REALLY fast. We buy the good ones, name brand from REI, but I've been really disappointed in how quickly the heels turn into gigantic holes.

Sharon said...

I have to admit that "Bad Ass" is truly the deciding factor most often!!!

Speaking of boots...It's snowy and cold here during the winter, and I have been on a season-long search for some "UGG-like" boots. You see I have one pair of the real McCoy, but thought surely I could find something of equal quality for less money...

Well this cold, wet-footed lady must admit...UGG is the way to go-all $200 of them ;) I will now be buying another pair-and am a little mad at myself for not biting the bullet earlier! (my feet are a little mad at me too)

Oh yeah...and once I tuck my leggings or my skinny jeans inside them...I feel kinda of...yep-bad ass!

Anna M said...

My running partner gave me smart wool socks for Christmas and I love them, too. If only they made them as long johns.

I'm going to go all obvious here and say my Mac. We've tried the PCs over and over, but I have loved my Mac, albeit twice as expensive. I don't have any of the issues that constantly plagued me with the PC.

And kitchen knives. A good butcher knife is worth its weight in gold, I say!

Ruth Kelly said...

Gold toe sox - more expensive but they last forever.

April Meeker said...

I've heard that Ugg boots can't be beat!

Emily- that's weird. Both my husband and I have had the same smartwool socks for years with no holes!

And Anna- kitchen knifes! Yes! You must have good kitchen knifes!

Jamie and Shane said...

Tigi "Bedhead" hairspray. Fifteen dollar hairspray....I thought I would never pay that. But it is so soft, and yet it holds. (At least on my hair.) And it never flakes and I can comb through it and respray. LOVE it!

Also, the Bare Escentials makeup (did I spell that right?) know, the mineral one.LOVE, love, love it.

Chelsea said...

I spend a lot of my life in the kitchen and I must say my two most favorite things are my Rachael Ray knives with the black diamond fingers knife sharpener and my Blendtec blender
They make my life so much easier!!!

Elizabeth said...

My soft brown leather "Dean" bag from Dean in Silverlake. I adore it.

My Kitchenaid Mixer --

My glasses -- every five or six years I buy a really good pair, and I never regret the money spent --

Camper boots -- I wore the suede ones for about ten years and finally threw them away because they grew mold one summer! I bought a new pair of leather ones this year and love them --

Joan Crandall said...

I have to admit that I buy lots of Lululemon products. They last and fit so well you are more likely to wear them. I think of it as an investment in my life. Exercise helps EVERYTHING.

I love my Vita-Mix blender.

I also love my car. I know that's crazy. But I *love* having a Lexus. Paid a lot up front but you know what? I got 2 babysitters from meeting girls in the service lounge area, one of the girls who works there trims my bangs better than my own gal, and the other perks are endless...

darcy said...

i am so glad i got off my wallet and bought a triple C north face coat . . . it has saved me this winter! i have no excuse not to go outside and honestly, i think the fresh air has helped my winter blues! great post!

April Meeker said...

I also should have added my sonicare toothbrush to the list. It has dramatically reduced the amount of tartar build up I get, and it keeps my gums super healthy.

Anonymous said...

Sorel snow boots can't be beat. If you go to the website: they have these amazing dental picks
that also can't be beat.

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Anonymous said...

Dyson vacuum. I am serial vacuum killer and the Dyson has held up so well. 6 years and counting!