Monday, July 09, 2012

let's build a wall

I have a friend named Kimberly who lives on a farm. She has chickens and sheep and white farm furniture and a really great airstream trailer and, well, just go look.  She inspires me.

Anyway a week or so ago she sent me an email about a project her mother Barb is working on in Uganda.

Barb is building an orphanage. A home for children who's parents are gone.  A safe place for these babies. She made and sold banana bread to fund this project. She is an amazing person. The buildings of the orphanage compound are finished!

But the thing is, Barb has to have a security wall around the orphanage before children can live there safely. And so until the wall is built, the children remain homeless. My heart aches for these little people.

This wall is a big wall. It has to be. It is almost complete but there is still one side that needs to be finished.

Barb needs our help to pay to complete this wall.  My answer is yes. Yes! I will help. What an easy way to make a difference! What a great way to help the people of Uganda directly. Like I said before, my heart tells me that we must not remain blind to the struggles of these people. If you are going to put up emotional walls, they should be this type!

My mother likes to say~ what goes around comes around. And I believe it.  This wall will go around this orphanage compound. It will keep these children safe from those that might harm them. It will allow them to grow up and become good productive people.

What say you?  Will you chip in?  No amount is too small.

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kimberly said...

Seriously I have no words. You are more than a gem my friend- so much more.
Thank you endlessly.

Barb said...

This brought me to tears....thank you so so much for caring enough to do this and help these kids. Words can't express my feelings right now.
Jaaja (Grandma)Barb

Anonymous said...

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shawna henrie said...

april!! delete the above comment...what the hell?

Sharon K said...

I have donated such a small amount but I have done with much love and admiration for what you are doing