Tuesday, October 15, 2013

specimens & curious findings

I am planning a very special Halloween dinner for later this month. All my guests are flying in from out of town so I wanted the invitations to be extra special.  The theme of the party is Specimens & Curious Findings. I added in a little "specimen" gummy snake to each invitation box. Ben and I are working out the menu.

The decorating is under way.

I finally got to bring out Lily and Oscar, the art dolls I made special for the mantel decor this year.

I thought it would be fun to share the invites with everyone.  I also created place cards to use at the dinner party. Scribble your guests names on them in scratchy script and they will look great. You can click the download button under the images to download.

The poem is an excerpt from Shakespeare's Macbeth. The bottom is in Latin and reads: 
The one safety for the vanquished is to abandon hope of safety.
I hope you enjoy! If you use them, please tag me in your twitter or Instagram photos! I'd love to see what you do.