Monday, February 27, 2012

for the love of maps

I've been busy. Really busy.

The littles are keeping me running. All. The. Time.

My house is a mess.

My yard is a jungle.

But I'm happy. Busy is good, even if you look like the hillbillies of the neighborhood.

I've been trying to keep up, and at the same time squeeze in studio time.  Sometimes when my life is at it's craziest, my creativity sky rockets. Not sure why. Just happens.

My current artistic obsession? Maps. I have always loved maps (all old paper ephemera really) and used them in my art, but lately I just can't get enough.

I recently found the work of Elizbeth Lecourt.  I'm besotted. Simply, over-the-top gaga.

Oh how I would love to make Birdie that last dress! I did find this map fabric that might work.

Hummmm. Another project?


Elizabeth said...

I can see why you'd be besotted -- I'm curious how you find your "obsessions," or what inspires you to look for them or how they happen upon you --

Laurie LaRiviere said...

I love maps too, very cool what you can do with them!

patty said...

so stinkin' cool...

elizabeth said...

I {heart} maps too! And I may have a slight obsession with anything that has to do with the States (hello crazy state plate collection of mine :)