Monday, February 20, 2012

morocco in october? i think yes.

Happy Monday! Yes, I am happy it's Monday. Back from vacation, back to routine. It feels very good.

While I was in Utah, Mindy and I meet up to discuss our trip to Morocco in October. We are super excited about this adventure! We still have some spots left so if you are thinking about it, just know it's going to be the trip of a life time.  The workshops are going to be super fun and diverse. And she doesn't know it yet, but Mindy will be performing a little private concert for us during our henna tattoo party at dusk on the rooftops Peacock Pavilions.  Can you just imagine it? *Swoon*

Here are all the details. Payment is split into three installments, to make it a little more affordable for everyone. Please note: you won't be able to view this brochure on a iphone. You will need to look at it on your computer.


Jacq Cue said...

Oh I wish I could come! Sounds Heavenly! I can even belly dance!

BTW Griffin is a great name ( I have a 12 yr old one!)

Have a great time!

Jennifer Stern and Angela Gilman said...

I just love what your dad says about having to bump into each other to become shinny and beautiful! I will file it into my "not to be forgotten bits of advice".
Thanks for sharing the charming photos too!