Monday, April 30, 2012

perfect schmerfic

I thought I was going to have a nice three day break from everyday mothering and such. I thought it would be relaxing.

I was wrong.

The PMC class was intense. The projects had to be perfect. Let's just all keep in mind that I don't do anything perfect. I detest perfect.  

I wanted to huck most of my projects out the window and make a dramatic exit after speaking my mind about the artistic value of imperfect.

But I passed.  And now I know a whole lot more than I ever wanted to know about precious metal clay and it's properties.  And I can go back to making things imperfect and flawed with a whole lot of character.

And there was the fire. I do enjoy working with torches. It's therapy really.  

AND I feel ready to get back to making jewelry.  Now I have more skills to make exactly what I dream up in my head.

If you want to take a class to learn how to get started with PMC, I'm your girl.  

Oh and the other exciting part is I bought a full sized kiln.  I've always wanted a kiln since I was little. It's just one of those things a girl like me needs.


Nancy Wyatt said...

Perfect is over rated! :) Congrats on getting certified and on the new Kiln!! Can't wait to see all that you create! Hugs from Conroe, TX

shawna henrie said...

i have a vintage baby kiln if you ever want to come over and bake in mine...just sayin.

Mary-Kay said...
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Mary-Kay said...

Sign me up, when can I take the class? I'm in town before Prospector, I can do it then. If you won't teach me photography (smirk) maybe I can get you to do this? I even bought some stuff awhile back but I have NO idea how to start! Just tell me the cost and I'll be there! Congrats - I can't wait to buy more from you!

Paula Prass said...

You recently posted on my blog and I have been rummaging around on your blog and website. What a treat to find someone so creative so closeby! Itching to see more of what you do so I will be poking around a bit longer.

Sam said...

You lucky girl getting a kiln. Now that I have a new room from I can also get a kiln.

jamie said...

you. amaze.
can't wait to see what comes out of your head.

your fan,