Friday, June 01, 2012

the jubilee and other some such stuff

I think Queen Elizabeth is just absolutely charming.

Now I don't know her personally. But I like her M.O.. She's classy like. And she's been at it for sixty years.

I can barely keep my kids in check long enough to pay for groceries, let alone rule over a country for sixty years.

She's classy and evidently made of steel.

Her diamond jubilee starts this weekend. I'm not one to watch these sorts of events, but I wish her the best of luck. The world needs more female role models that look like a well dressed grandma.

I also wanted to mention that it's Summer. I mean like officially. The Boy still has a few days left in school, but there's no doubt that Summer has arrived. I've decided to spend the next two weeks going to the pool everyday in an attempt to teach the babies to doggy paddle.

This hard work is my plan to better the chances of not having to get off my lazy butt every other minute later this Summer.

Here's hoping you have a great weekend. I'm still working on getting a post together about the workshops. One can't rush these things. Maybe Monday.




Sherry said...

The Queen is indeed that, classy. As a Canadian she is still my monarch (more or less given that we have changed things up a bit over here)and as only a second generation Canadian at that (all my grandparents were from the UK -- England & Scotland), the ties that bind are still somewhat loosely wrapped. The woman has faced incredible challenges during her lifetime and her reign and yet she makes it all look so "easy".

Teaching the babies to doggy paddle will be fun...or not, depending on how they take to the water!!

Looking forward to hearing about the know, whenever! :)

TracyMB @ Crows Feet Chic said...

Your Union Jack is scrumptious; I love it! I was 4 when Canada evolved from this flag to our present day maple leaf. We may not have switched had we been flying this baby.

Have fun at the pool!

lorie said...

I wish I was there to help teach those babies to swim!