Tuesday, May 29, 2012

words with friends

The first thing that happened was the kite got away.

The dads ran after it. But alas, it was gone. What's the saying? There is nothing quite like a crisis to bring people together. 

But it turns out, we didn't really need a crisis. We clicked. Just. Like. That.

The story goes something like this:

I meet Katy online about a month ago. We chatted via Facebook, then email and then texts. Katy was coming with her family to San Diego for the weekend and so we invited them to dinner at our house. But then, the Sugar Daddy had to travel, so I asked if we could just meet up for dinner a day earlier.  

Long story short. We ended up meeting them at the Hotel Del. And staying in their villa with them overnight. 

Just to be clear, Ben and I don't do this sort of thing. It isn't like us. We are rather timid, cautious people. But I think maybe, it was meant to be.  I think maybe there was no way we could not be friends with Katy and Paul and their two kids.

We put the littles to bed and stayed up talking and laughing.

Paul and his brother invented a little game you might have heard of called Words With Friends. It was fascinating to hear the story of how they created the game and the risks they took to make their dream come true.  

Our kids played so well together. I loved seeing them have so much fun with new friends.

Thom was in heaven hanging out with a family that understands his game obsession. He had just started playing Words With Friends with his cousin a few weeks ago.  

I often wonder what my life would be like without the internet. I love that I can make new friends anywhere in the world. I love that if I am having a good day or a bad day I can simply pick up my phone or sit at my computer and tell a friend about it. 

Because, after all, having words with friends and family is what life is all about.


This Katy girl is already the type of friend you can go make-up less and braless around. She could walk in my house, and open my fridge, and get herself a coke, and kick off her shoes, and plop down on my couch, and tell me a story, and it would be as if she and I had been friends since childhood.

Is it rare to find a new friend like that? I think so, but the internet helps.

Thanks Katy and Paul!

I'm working on pictures from the workshops. Hopefully I will have them up later this week.


TracyMB @ Crows Feet Chic said...

This makes me smile.

Laurie LaRiviere said...

this is awesome April, so happy you were able to finally meet your friend and spend time with her. I have a few fb/scrappy friends that I know if we ever met it would be the same experience you are talking about here, I love that :)

Entwined Essentials said...

That's fantastic and makes me smile too.

Nay said...

I think I've fallen in love...with your blog!!!
It's a breath of fresh air:)

Darcy Jerome said...

i love this! what a great story!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, how wonderful! The photos are glorious -- and I agree with every word of your post. There's a whole lot of stuff to read out there, denigrating online friendships and such, but I usually shake my head, knowing that the connections made can be sustaining in many ways --

And you know the people who've created Words with Friends! My goodness -- I have about ten games going right now!

Sherry said...

I too have experienced that kind of friendship that has grown through the internet and blossomed in real life. It sounds like you and Katy and families really did hit it off and create wonderful memories and opened doors to future moments of memory making. The bonus is the dads getting together and finding common ground and the kids hitting it off!