Saturday, May 05, 2012


It's Saturday. And I'm posting. What the?

Well it's Cinco De Mayo.  Happy Independence Day to all the Mexicans I know and love!

Once upon a time I thought my children where going to be Mexican, and I decided that it behooved us to celebrate all Mexican holidays. I try to celebrate as many holidays as I can justify. Boxing Day? I'm all over that. We also adopted Chinese holidays when we thought we would have Chinese children. My kids are blond haired blue eyed. We don't really know their definitive heritage. We are calling it Danish so we have an excuse to make lots of aebleskivers.

Anywho. Cinco De Mayo is a good excuse to eat some really good fattening food. No?


And let us not forget Dia de los Muertos. Another good one. It's like Halloween and Memorial Day all in one.

I think American memorial day should be more about remembering our own individual ancestors. Not to take anything away from those who have served our country (both my grandpas are veterans), but I think in general we Americans need to spend more time honoring those who have gone before us. Those who have paved our way. Those grandmas and grandpas who gave us not just a crooked nose, but family names, land, recipes, beliefs and values.

I am but a mere link in this family chain. That thought makes me feel so small, but it also gives me a mantle.  My grandparents are looking down the line. They are rooting for me.

It's good to know I have a team.

Memorial day is May 28th, which is a special day for me. My best friend and cousin who died when we were 18 was born on May 28th.  I will be thinking of her. 


Elizabeth said...

When that stunning image popped up on my computer screen, I nearly gasped. I love this post -- your words, your thoughts, your humor -- Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Nancy Wyatt said...

Love this piece! I had guacamole today, yum! Enjoyed your words as always! Hugs from Conroe, Texas

Paula-frm SPARK said...

P.S. April, Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico's Independence day. Thats on September 6th. Cinco de Mayo commemorates when the small villagers of Puebla beat the French. But we Mexicans will take any day to celebrate!!! ;D