Thursday, August 07, 2008

don't cry mommy

It has become an everyday thing. It goes like this:

Thom: Mom when do we get our China sister?

Me: When Heavenly Father says it is time.

Thom: When will that be?

Me: I don't know Thom, I really don't know.

Thom: I wish he would hurry up and give us our China sister Mom.

Me: Me too Thom. Me too.

Yesterday for some reason (most likely hormones) I teared up when we went through this little exercise. Thom then said, "Don't cry Mommy. Heavenly Father will give her to us when it is time." Which was sweet, so I cried a little harder.

I have been going through stacks and stacks of old magazines and tearing out the ideas I like to put in my "inspiration" books, which are binders with plastic sleeves. It is high time I did this. Sugar Daddy has had it with my obsessive magazine hording. Anyway, in doing this I ran across a Martha Stewart recipe for french onion soup. For some strange reason, I decided it would be fun to make a massive pot of soup in the middle of August.
I was chopping up the FIVE POUNDS of onion that the recipe called for and my eyes were watering like crazy. Thom said, "Mommy, are you crying over that China baby again?" (He gets his sentimentality from me) I told him that the onions were killing my eyes and so a minute later he shows up with his swim goggles. At Sur La Table they carry onion cutting goggles. My son is a genius, but we already knew that. I stretch the goggles on and sure enough, they worked like a gem. Thom got a good laugh at me and he took the following photo.

The soup turned out great. Mind you, we were sweating our brains out while we ate it, but man it was good. Here is the recipe I found on the Martha website. It is a little different from the one I used, but I really don't feel like typing the whole thing out.

I love these little aqua blue ramekins I have. They make any dish look great.

I spent a lot of time thinking about our adoption while I cooked and clipped magazines yesterday. The wait for China is going to be a few more years and we would really like to have a child now so that Thomas can have a sibling to play with and this yearning ache in our arms will go away. They say one of the best ways to get a baby is to tell everyone you know that you are looking for a birth mother. Sooo- World Wide Web- if you know a birth mother looking to place her baby, and you think we'd be good parents even after reading about our crazy life, please contact me.

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annie said...

Beautiful post. Thom is so sweet. I hope you get your China baby soon! I horde magazines too. "Inspiration books" are what I have to do or my home would be over run.