Friday, August 29, 2008


Camo Crab

Sugar Daddy says I pick up old habits when I get with my "clan". Habits like, popping my gum, pinching bottoms and a certain wicked sounding laugh us Campbell girls have developed over the years. I really can't help myself. It's not that I am a chameleon type of person, quite the contrary. It's just that the way I was raised is so much a part of the fabric of who I am that I will never, even when I am old and grey, out grow it. And I'm not sure I want to.

The last time my family was together in Hawaii was 1980 and we were minus the joker. He wasn't born for two more years. Here we are, I'm the sassy one in the front in the smart blue jumpsuit.

Heidi, Amy and me. We were already cackling at this young age.

Ohana: n. family. Ohana is comprised of the Hawaiian word that means ‘to sprout’ (‘oha) and the suffix ‘na’. Together, ‘oha and na mean ‘off-shoots’ or ‘sprouting from’.
On the islands, ohana is the not the most important thing - it is the only thing. Sure you have to work, but that is to support your family, sure you go fishing, but that is to feed your family, sure ... you even go out and party, but that is with your family, sure you have friends .. but they shortly become your family.

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Jamie said...

That is so cool you have those pictures from back in the day.