Monday, October 06, 2008

for jenny

{Photo by sweetblue photography}

One of my best friends has asked me for years to make jewelry that is more in her price range. I don't want to say cheap, because I would never put out a product that I felt met that description. I guess I will call it "more economical". For a long time I have resisted. I like to use nice stones and components. I want to create without limitations or boundaries.

However, I feel that with the way things are today, women are less likely to spend on little luxury items. Essentially, people are buying gas, not jewelry. And I hate to see fashion suffer. Really I do. So, my fall collection includes some items that are affordable, yet still stylish. There will be more to come in the Winter collection.

Miss Havensham Earrings $6

Whatnots Necklace $15
I have decided to call this mini collection of less exspensive pieces "For a Song", which is a Bristish term for going cheap.
And now for the winners of Friday's Monster Mash! Thanks to all who entered to win a little monster. I am sure they will be going to good homes!

Cuthbert goes to Mine by Magpie from New York!
Angela goes to Heidi G of My Hiding Place in Cyberspace.
Harold goes to Heather Duncan of A little bit about us.

Congratulations! Please contact me with your shipping information.

Tune in Tuesday for another giveaway.


Art By MAR said...

Those are very nice pieces! You probably have the right idea with price ranges. I think people are becoming more and more scared to spend.

Heather said...

that necklace is beautiful! love it!~

Katie said...

I LOVE the second set of earrings. The wood is a nice touch.

Heathen's Hearth said...

I love that first set of earrings. I'm one of those women who doesn't tend to spend a lot of money on jewelry. Of course, that puts me in a bind, because when it comes to department stores, that means either paste, with non-gold earrings that I'm allergic to, or nothing at all.

I'm glad to see that you are creating some affordable pieces. I look forward to exploring your shop!


Heather said...

aw, thanks for your comment earlier. I'd love to be on your blog :)

Lauren said...

those pieces are beautiful. it's true....i love earrings and fun necklaces, but the past couple of months i haven't bought money's all been going in my gas tank!

Digital Misfit said...

Lovely pieces!
With the economy in its current state, it is great to see that you are making "little luxuries" that everyone can enjoy.

I also want to thank you for drawing my name in the monster giveaway! I have already emailed you with my info :)

TheresaJ said...

I was just having the exact same thoughts myself and made a couple of less expensive items that I posted yesterday. Best of luck to you -- and all of us -- during these tight times.

Cate said...

I really like these pieces as well! I'm a poor college girl and these items are definitely more in my price range. I love love love the necklace.

Surangi Kasturirathne said...

Oh wowwwwwwwwwww pls pls pls enter me for the free giveaway plssssssss
thks :)