Tuesday, October 28, 2008

just call me jane of the jungle

While everyone back home was sleeping, I was trekking through the jungle on an elephant. I thought about Sugar Daddy and the boy and I couldn't catch my breath I wanted them with me so much. While I was feeling the elephant slap my bare feet with his ears, I thought about what a lucky girl I am. All this thinking was going on until the elephant ahead of us decided to pull down a few hulking palm fronds and dump a shockingly massive load of dung. Those things were a little distracting. That, and the bugs were entirely out of control.

The point is I'm really lucky. And I know it.

Sorry this picture is blurry. Thai elephan guy na so goo wit de cameraaaa.


I staked out this spot right away.

Art goodies

And now I must turn the computer off and go to sleep. I have a rigorous day of snorkeling and spa treatments tomorrow. Lucky me, lucky me, lucky me, lucky me... .


Kimberly said...

i am so loving experienceing krabi through you. yes, it is hard to watch and not be there. but i still want to see every photo you have. i am so so so happy for you (and all the other girls), and am so thrilled you've been posting from thailand. i'm living vicariously through you right now. and loving it. and missing it. and all of you. for me, have the best time EVER. tell all the girls i'm thinking about them. and hoping this is the most amazing trip ever. i so want to be there with all of you. don't forget to drink something on the beach for me. i know we've never met (and may not ever meet now), but i feel a connection to you. thank you for not forgetting me. now get off the computer and go do something amazing.

Natalie Hutchison said...

April it looks AMAZING there!!! I am so jealous!!! I am totally calling you when you get back to hear all about your trip. I don't even have to say it but I hope you are having fun.

TheresaJ said...

You, you are a lucky, lucky, lucky girl. The photos are amazing. Loving the opportunity to experience your trip as it unfolds...

amytangerine said...

ok, your comment about the thai guy being not soo good cracked me up! miss you!