Monday, May 31, 2010

hello, my name is moselle

Moselle Business cards

There something I haven't told you yet.

It's been a quasi secret for the last few months.

It's nearly killed me to keep my mouth shut. You know how excitable I am over all my creative ventures.

Introducing Moselle.

She's a little website design company that we just launched this past weekend at the Casual Blogger Conference. And speaking of that, if you missed it this year, I'm so very sorry for your loss. Hopefully you will make it next year. My condolences.

Moselle Business Card Kit

What's that you ask? Who's the "we" that did this launching? Lemme tell ya.

We are a pastiche*. We are a group of artists and designers and geeky computer geniuses that came together with a big idea.

We want to beautify the world of web design. We want to put individual personality into web sites and blogs. We want to hear about you and what you are all about. And then we want to create you, in website form.

Oh, and we want really good snacks at our company meetings.

Lately people have been personally contacting me about doing custom illustrations for a web based business or blog. After I get over the shock that someone out there actually wants to do something cool with my doodles, I do the macaraina in my living room which in turn causes the Boy to say, "You're weird Mom."

If you are one of these very kindhearted, if not somewhat crazy, people who want me to illustrate for you, please know that if you hire Moselle to beautify your place on the web you will have me at your beck and call, sketching away. You want a scottie dog- done. A fat lady with a pie- done. A naked mud flap girl? Um, just who do you think I am anyway? I do have standards, contrary to popular belief. For shame.

Moselle Business Card Kit

I created a new flickr group called, of course, "Pastiche". I want it to be a place of reference for inspiration and collaboration. A spring board for ideas. Please click on over and upload photos of your personal style. I personally want to see who you are.

Okay here's the deal. We want to help you, yeah you, reading this. If you dream of a blog or website that represents you and your personality we want to hear from you. Like, we really want to hear from you.

Contact us. You won't be disappointed.

* Pastiche: noun 1. a literary, artistic, or musical composition made up of bits from various sources; potpourri 2. a jumbled mixture; hodgepodge 3. the coolest freakin' word in the English language


Nancy W said...

Congratulations! This sounds Fabulous and so exciting! I have been itching to grow my blog and have even looked around at blog designers. I am definitely going to look into this because I'm ready for my blog to grow up and become ME! Hugs from Conroe TX

Sheri (Aunt Re Re) said...

Wow! How exciting this is! I love your designs. The web will be a much brighter place with designs by your new company!

Elizabeth said...

This sounds so exciting and I would love to hear about possibilities for re-designing my blog. Let me know what to do next!

april said...


Go the the Moselle website and fill out an interest form and we will contact you!

Anne Thompson said...

Hmmm...wondering if the Record Bros. have any involvement in this project. Began a dialogue with them awhile ago after reading about them and watching the video on your blog, then things sort of got dropped by me when some family medical stuff happened. Have been thinking just in the past four or five days that it's time to get those blog ideas of mine back on the front burner. Good luck in your new venture. And maybe...I'm going to the Moselle site right now! Anne, yourmainestamper

Garden of Egan said...

April!!!!! I want to tell you how much I love your designs.
I won the blog makeover at CBC. I am such a little blogger and didn't think I would use this so I'm giving it away on my blog.

After I got home from CBC I was searching through the Moselle site and was totally awestruck. Beautiful stuff!
I love the little card holder that came with my gift.
I am definitely keeping that!

I think I'm kicking myself for offering it as a giveaway. You were so generous to do this. I would have changed my mind if I hadn't told a few people that I was giving it away.

Oh, well. Someone that is more into business with their blogs should enjoy it more than me.

It is beautiful and you are sooooo very creative.

cupcake studio said...

All I can say is...WOW. Uber-gorgeous design!

Jeanette said...

Congratualtions! Wishing you much success. I'm not sure what to do with my blog. I like it (it's fairly new) but it's not all that I want it to be. Wouldn't know where to start. Will be keeping my eye on this new venture and again, congrat's.

HunDuddle Hussy said...

heeeeeeyyyyyy whats wrong with a naked mudflap girl? thats MY button. hehehe. i'm a little rowdy.

okay so it was SUPER dreamy meeting you at the cbc my love. i enjoyed so much chatting about adoption with you and seeing your lovely creations. YOU. ARE. TALENT.

thanks for sparing a moment to make me feel loved :)

Lora said...

Good to know.... VERY good to know. Still thinking about my business idea and keeping you and your FAB doodles in mind!

Anonymous said...

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