Friday, May 14, 2010

pick a winner, any winner

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I thought instead of randomly drawing a name, maybe I'd pick the winner for this latest giveaway. So many times I'd read a new comment and think, oh that's who I should pick, yeah, she really wants it, she never wins anything, she is longing for the beach, she loves aqua, she's bought my jewelry before, etc. etc. etc.

Bottom line is I can't do it.

So I asked the Boy to pick a number between one and fifty-two.

He said, "Eighty."

I said, "No, a number between one and fifty-two. It has to be no more than fifty-two."

He thought for a bit. "Pick a number or say a number?"

I was getting impatient. "Just say any number. The first one that comes to your head."

"One hundred."

"No. I said no more than fifty-two."

"You said just say any number that I think."

"Forget it."


"Forget I asked."

He played with his legos for a bit and then he said, somewhat to himself, "If I were going to pick a number between one and fifty-two, I'd pick fifty-two because it's the biggest."

And so number fifty-two it is. Heather Taylor, who is my cousin. She is a newly-wed and she came to San Diego on her honeymoon. So she kind of doubly deserves to win.

That's how it all went down. It seems my son has inherited my aptitude for mathematics. He's practically a freakin' genius.


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Natalie* said...

oh darn. all those listed qualifiers apply to me, so perhaps one day you will chose your winner and i'll be me!
have a lovely day!

Jeanette said...

Congratulations Heather - lucky little ducky. I too am a mathematical genius - I always just round up.

Haley, Brad, and the gang said...

I love looking at your blog, I just don't have much time to leave comments. Let me just say your babies are amazing - you "finished off" that little one quite nicely! It was so fun to see you if only for a quick minute.

Heather C Taylor said...

Yay!!!! I'm so excited!!! That totally just made my day-it was a rough one too because I started my day off with my airbags deploying in my face and totalling my car. Thanks Thomas for picking my number!!!

Julie said...

I do LOVE my Thomas. Hug him for me. 52 times!