Wednesday, December 08, 2010

crafting christmas

One of the things I'm doing this year is using my handcarved stamps to make custom wrapping paper.  I bought a roll of craft paper because I love the way ink looks stamped on it's smooth brown surface.

I carved a snowflake stamp made up of my initials. I thought I was being so clever and then the thought occurred to me that if it is going on a gift, it should probably be their initials. Oh well, they probably won't catch the whole initial thing anyway.

Your stamps need not be perfect. Remember my motto: There is charm in everything imperfect.

Keep in mind that, although I drew and carved my stamps, you can always use ones you buy. But if you are feeling adventurous and you'd like to try your hand at carving, you can watch the tutorial video in the side bar.

Happy crafting!


logan said...

Love your creativeness, now if I could just figure out how to make the super apron that you wore at SPARK II!!!
Oh, I like you so much better without the beard!!!
Hugs and Happy Holidays!

Laurie said...

What a cute way to make your very own paper that will be like no one else's! Looks like you are feeling better and getting back into the creative groove, good for you!

Anne Thompson said...

I, too, bought kraft paper and kraft bags and have been wrapping and stamping. I'm using mis-matched alphabet stickers to spell out names on each one. I have tons of purchased stamps and have yet to try carving my own. Your tutorial has me thinking that it's possible, though! Happy Holidays! I'm so glad you are feeling better and sharing in your blog the ways that you decorate and prepare for Christmas. Love it! Anne, yourmainestamper

Dasha said...

I tried to carve some little stamps from the biggest size of erasers i was able to buy and they came out great. Just saying in case someone is from Europe like me and has no chance to buy a carving block, cause they don´t sell them here. :)