Wednesday, December 22, 2010

like a baby's butt

I wish the above picture was of me.  I would kill for skin like that.  I spent four years of my youth lifeguarding in the sun.  I have now spent the last ten years trying to repair the damage I did.

Oh the stupid things you do as a teenager.

But I lucked out.  One of my good friends decided to become an esthetician.  We are slowly working on my skin to get it healthy and glowing.

Here's the part where you luck out.  Shannon is offering Suaviloquy readers 25% off any service in January.  Her prices are already very reasonable so this is a really good deal.  Hopefully you live in the So. California area so you can get in on this.

I personally recommend the pumpkin peel.  It smells scrumptious and your skin literally glows the day after.  But she also offers chemical peels, waxing and body treatments.  Before she became an esthetician, she was a make-up artist so she also offers that service along with spray tan and custom blended mineral make-up.  She's literally a Jill of all trades when it comes to your face and skin.  And a walking encyclopedia.  The girl always gives me the rundown about the science behind the treatments. I'm just like, "Uh huh, uh huh, whatever, just keep massaging my face please. It feels soooo good."

So go see Shannon. She will make you glow.

To schedule an appointment you can email her at bellabaccia(at) or call 619-995-4335.

Tell her April sent ya.

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Hello*Lucky*Holly said...

You lucky LUCKY gal with a friend like that! My beauty therapist told me most sun damage is done in the first 20 years of our lives . . . groaaan!

Hope you Christmas is delightful and your friend is peeling pumpkin off your face really soon!