Friday, July 22, 2011

home on the range

I always forget how rural my home town really is.  I am struck by the sheer amount of fields and pastures. I find that I don't take the scenery for granted the way I did when I lived in Utah.  It is, simply put, a beautiful state.

We are here for three weeks.  My children have already gone ferrel in my parents back yard.

I am doing all sorts of projects that will keep me busy almost everyday I'm here.  I'm excited to share the fruits of my labors with you.

Speaking of fruit, peaches and cherries grown here in Utah are akin to Hawaiian pineapple. They are ridiculously good. Candy good even.

I am so exicited to meet up with old friends and new while I'm here.

Rhonna Farrer is a good friend of mine that is going to be helping me on a little project. She is getting ready to launch her new website and it's going to be amazing.

Rhonna is looking for talented girls to be on her design team. Go to her blog and you can read all the specifics. 

It feels good to be here. In Utah. The beehive state. Home of the big pink cookie.

And lots of livestock.


Elizabeth said...

Wonderful photos -- as usual! I hope your vacation is a restful one, too, and that you are able to bring your children back from the feral state to civilization in southern Cal (HA!) --

Kari said...

Welcome home. We whipped up some lovely weather for you this time of year--with a few of those desert thunder storms, if you're very good.

Chelsea said...

It was surprising to see you on Studio 5 the other day, now it makes sense;) Have a great time getting all crafty and visiting with family!