Wednesday, July 27, 2011

my craft channel

So. I have a new project. But then again, don't I always have a new project? I swear. I'm a total project addict.

Anywho,  I'm really excited about this one.  I was asked by the producers at My Craft Channel to host a DIY jewelry show. And of course I said yes. Of course I did.

So starting this fall you will be able to hop on over to My Craft Channel and see all kinds of super fun creative people making cool stuff and teaching you how to do it.

The big website is yet to launch but you can read all about My Craft Channel and the people involved on their blog.

Also, they are giving away a Cricut everyday for twenty days as they announce their teachers. Isn't that amazing? Every. Single. Day.  You could win.

Here's how to enter:

The actual GIVEAWAY is being hosted on the My Craft Channel BLOG.  to win, you need to do ONE of the following things: (or you can do ALL of them and enter MULTIPLE times!)
1.     Like Secondsister Jewelry!! I have a facebook page … Make sure to leave a comment on The Craft Channel blog telling them you liked my FB page.
2.     LIKE My Craft Channel on Facebook and then leave a comment on their blog letting them know you did!
3.     Like Cricut on Facebook, and tell them Secondsister sent you… 
4.     Share the news link this post in a post on your blog and if no blog, share w/ 5 of your favorite creative friends, give them a link to this post and leave a comment on the MCC blog
5.     Facebook, tweet, or BLOG about Secondsister being involved with MCC, and then (again) leave a comment on the MCC blog so you are entered to win!!  (my twitter handle is @secondsister)

Good luck! I'm hoping someone I know wins a Cricut!  I'll keep you posted as to when my shows will air.

Now go and do something creative. Or if not creative, fulfilling.


Kari said...


Peg Toth said...

You are one talented, busy mom! Enjoy your family.

SherriC. said...

I can't wait for this channel to start, I am looking forward to learning from you....

Mimi said...

Good for you! I love your work!

jacgonz said...

congrats on MCC! Can't wait - I love jewelry (want to learn to do it myself). Thanks.

jacgonz said...

Ok, trying to 'like' and/or follow your blog, but i don't see the 'follow' button, help! I do love jewelry!

Erin said...

Congrats to you!! So exciting!

mjatpc said...

congrats, april! well deserved. can't wait to watched. we're staying tuned. :)