Monday, July 11, 2011


My friend Margie is nothing if not a busy bee.

She is always up to something. Designing new products. Traveling the world. Getting locked out of her house.

She just released her newest line of paper products.  She is working for a new company called Authentique.  They will debut their new lines at CHA later this month. They are almost ready to launch their website. For now you can check out the Face Book page.

As always, she sent me a fun package with all her new stuff.  "To play with." she said.

So I played. I made soldered jewelry charms with some of the smaller die cuts. I made a gift box to put them in and give them to someone deserving.

Margie is one the people in my life that really keeps my creative juices flowing.  When we get on the phone to work on Spark plans, we always end up on some huge crafty tangent. We swap craft ideas like baseball cards.

We are kindred spirits in that way.

Congratulations Margie on your latest achievement. Your papers are beautiful as usual.

I love you girl.


margie said...

love you.
thank you for your friendship.
means the world to me.

Jessa said...

Man I had a premonition that I was going to get to the end of this post and one of these beautiful necklaces was going to be offered as a giveaway and I was going to win it. Alas.

Gorgeous work, both of you.