Thursday, June 30, 2011


Do you ever marvel at every day things?

Take the United States Postal Service for example.  Now, I know there are many problems there. But really? Think about it. It's actually quite amazing. All the sorting and shuffling and machines and man power. I personally think it's fascinating.

How about the Golden Gate Bridge? Try to really wrap your mind around it.  You might blow a fuse.

And cameras.  The camera might be one of my most favorite of all inventions.  I like to think of it as a mechanical butterfly net. I can capture memories before they flutter away, out of my mind, forever.

I can remember how she often went down for her nap with the faintest of milk mustaches on her downey lips because the camera records it.

I can remember her little hands with dimpled knuckles.

I can capture all my beloved moments and keep them. Forever.  How amazing.

Sometimes I look at photos of myself as a child and I wonder if I would remember that moment if it hadn't been captured on film.  Would it have slipped away without the constant reminder of how everything looked when it happened?

A tin type photo of Billy the Kid just sold at auction for 2.3 million dollars.  It is the only known authenticated photo of him.  It is simply fabulous.  

Why would someone spend so much on an image? Because it's the closest anyone could  ever hope to get to actually seeing him in person.  It's history, captured.

I will never forget what she looked like on a summer afternoon in June when she awoke from her nap.

Never. Thanks to the camera. An everyday miracle.


Allison S. said...

She is incredibly beautiful!

Elizabeth said...

She is really amazing. Amazingly gorgeous, and I love your sensibility --

margie said...


Lynnae said...

I Love it. Your photos are beautiful!

Laurie said...

wow, she is gorgeous, just stunning, those eyes...:)

Erin said...

She is gorgeous!!

the emily said...

I actually think about that all the time--the miracle of the camera. I love capturing moments. I wish I were better at it, and I really wish I had a nice camera because if there is even the slightest movement, the picture blurs, and you can't contain my kids for a picture.

Your birdie is one beautiful girl. I love her bed.

BusyB said...

I may have said it before but I do love your writing. Thanks for your blog!

Jennifer said...

She is the defi.ition of pink. LOVE HER!