Monday, June 13, 2011


The Sugar Daddy flew away to Hong Kong. 

Now, I want to fly away to Hong Kong like, oh, a billion times a day. But he really did.

He had meetings to go to. 

I'm thinking I want to start setting up meetings with people on the other side of the world too. Who wants to meet me for lunch in, say, Bangladesh? We could talk jewelry and blogging. Serious stuff.

Anyway, I was left behind. Alone. With the beasts kids.

My children are wretched when their father is on the other side of the world.   I have said three serious cuss words, eaten two huge cupcakes and cried once.  

Single parenting is ridiculously hard.  I have a true reverence for those of you who do it on a permanent basis.  

Anyway, today he is finally back and we are headed out for a "fun" family day.  At Disneyland. Right now,  "fun" to me is sitting in a silent, clean room with ne'er a child in sight.

And while I sit in my silent clean room, I'd like to get online and buy some tickets to Bali.

In fact, I think I'll check on those flights right now...


laurie said...

you should have the sugar daddy take the kids out for the day and you can stay home in your quiet clean room :)

Elizabeth said...

Please buy two, and I'll come along! I just posted a poem on my blog that I read the other day called "Bandito." It captures a bit of what you're describing here --

I wish you a little rest and ease, soon.

Erin said...

Ha! Why is it the littles always act like hooligans when daddy is gone? My husband is leaving soon for Argentina and I am already anticipating the CRAZINESS! Would love to meet anywhere on the other side of the world! :)

Alessandra said...

Start with me for an international meeting! I follow my husband all around the world (our kiss, too!)because of his job! After 6 years in Egypt, now we are based in Jakarta (Indonesia), that is just around the corner from Bali....Think about it! love, Alessandra

Alessandra said...

Sorry, we have two kids, no kiss!

the smiths said...

your posts always resonate so much for me!

and why is it that once dada sets foot in the door, those hooligans somehow start acting all sweet and proper again? i truly believe they save it all up for theirs mama!!

the emily said...

I'll meet you wherever you want to go. I love your idea. The husband started a new job a few months ago and he's gone ALL THE TIME. He's in Pittsburgh all week (8 days!) and then is home for one day before leaving again. I'm ready for a spa day. Or a trip to Bali. Whatever.

Teague said...

amen, sister...
i did a 9 month stint alone last year with three under the age of 7
whoa, nellie!
sign me up for bali, too...i'm still not recovered