Wednesday, June 15, 2011

one boy's summer

One of my good friends, Tara Whitney said she was making her kids "Summer" baskets for the last day of school.  I thought it was a great idea, and it just might help alleviate some the mom guilt I have over not being able to help out in the class room for Thom much this past school year.

We have a fun summer planned and I want to kick it off in style.  I made Thom and his buddy matching pillowcases for sleep overs.  Pillowcases are fun to make because they don't take any time and and if you find your fabric on sale, they can be really cheap.  You will need about a 3/4 yard to make a standard pillowcase. Buy a full yard if you want contrasting fabric on the edge.

Here's the other things in Thom's "Summer 2011" basket:

Big League Chew
Roasting Sticks & Marshmellows
Pool Toys
Summer Reading Books & Chart
Glow Sticks
Beach Ball
Sketch Book
Flip Flops
Bottled Rootbeer

Got any other great ideas? His last day is tomorrow.


laurie said...

what a cute idea and lots of good stuff in Thom's basket, love the pillowcases!

Anne Thompson said...

Sunglasses? Baseball cap? Beach towel? Coupons for ice cream, a mystery trip, time alone with Mom or Dad. My son used to love the mystery trips where we'd get in the car and he'd have packed what I requested but he had no idea of the destination--sometimes it was to a park or a playground, or to play mini-golf, or to go to the outdoor pool or the beach. Even at 30 he still talks about and wants to take mystery trips with me!

patty said...

(& i love tara whitney!)
thanks for sharing!