Wednesday, June 08, 2011

everyday angels

First of all, I don't think angels have wings.  It's a fun concept, but it doesn't sit right with me.

I don't know much about religious theology.  I can't list all the angels from the scriptures. I could tell you a few. And of those few,  I could probably only tell you a little about them.

I have never personally had an encounter with a heavenly angel.  I can't say I even know someone who has.

Here's the thing. I don't think angels come with wings and halos. I think they show up with a hot meal after you have a baby.  They come over and help you move. They call you up to tell you a joke when they know times are tough.

What's the nicest thing someone has done for you?

I'll tell you mine. Once when we were poor and down and out, someone gave the Sugar Daddy and I a truck.  We really needed another vehicle and it made all the difference.  She just put the keys in my hand and said, "It's yours."

What's the nicest thing you have done for someone else?

On the day my great-grandmother died, she awoke early and went out into her garden. Friends came by to pick cherries from her trees.  She and my grandpa then went to deliver strawberries to their children.  They visited. I'm sure they played with the grandkids.  It was a warm day and when they returned home my grandmother said she was going to sit by the cooler for a while before she came to bed. She died instantly. Right where she sat.

My great-grandmother was beloved.  I didn't know her. She died a year before I was born, but I am told she was a constant everyday angel in people's lives.

If I ever do encounter a heavenly angel, I hope it is her. And I hope she brings me some berries from her garden.

And I really hope to become the kind of woman she was.


Laurie said...

love your post, how comforting! it's funny that you mentioned someone gave you a truck when you needed it, we were in need of an extra car and my husband's friend and coworker let him buy his daughter's old car, 1990 subaru for $1...made a huge difference, as far as me doing something for someone, I think helping the teachers at school is a fun thing, God know they need it...

Jerusalem said...

that is beautiful! I love your grandmothers last day - I hope my last day is that lovely and of course I hope to have lived a long full life by then. I love the idea of her being an angel you bump into from time to time..

the emily said...

I've had so many things done for me that I don't think I could pick THE nicest. But I had a similar situation when we were desperate for money and got a check in the mail from somebody neither of us knew. It was a late wedding present and it was a God-send. I try to be kind to other people and think about how to be that kind of woman all the time. I hope by the time I die people can say that about me, 'cause they sure can't say it now.

abode said...

This post is a comfort and a joy to me just as a still unknown angel was who put a $1000 cashiers check on my mother's windshield when we were facing a year without Christmas. That was long ago but to this day I still think of that angel.

Elizabeth said...

I imagine you're well on your way! This is a beautiful post. I have much the same "interpretation" of angels. In fact, I wrote about them once and the magazine Spirituality and Health published the article. Here's the link -- I'd love to know what you think!

Patty Ann said...

Oh, I love this one today. It is beautiful. I feel the same way about angels. I think there are heavenly ones, but I also believe there are earthly angels. People who try their best to do the Lord's will here upon the earth. People who listen, people who care, people who are just like your Great-Grandma. Thank you for sharing.

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