Wednesday, June 22, 2011

kitchen season

There are certain times of the year when the kitchen beckons to me like a lonely siren with a secret to tell.

Christmastime is a given. It is the season of cookies and sweet breads and prime rib.  Perry Como keeps me company, singing the holiday classics.

Then there is February. February means French onion soup and rosemary olive bread.  Clam chowder is a mainstay, as is roasted chicken with root vegetables.

And then there is a very short period of time in late June, right before Independence day.  It's strange, almost like a Indian summer. I like to think of it as my culinary muses last hurrah before the kitchen closes down for the season.

Now during this Indian summer of kitchen time, my thoughts always turn to candy.  There are a few cold pasta salads to be had, but for the most part, it's candy.  

Last year I made sea foam. It was delectable, and I will be making it again soon. But before that project, I have a little something I've been wanting to try.

I've gathered up all the supplies. We are going to pull some taffy!

Pictures to follow. Or maybe not. Depending.

Also, has anyone out there tried the ice cream ball? I just ordered one. Lately I'm into making my children work for their treats. You know, like circus poodles.


Diane Duda said...

mmmm. your kitchen sounds like THE place to be. :)

laurie said...

yes, we have tried the ice cream ball, lots of work and rolling, but worth it in the end, nothing like homemade ice cream :)

Sabrina said...

Haven't used the ball but I know at a ward campout they used two aluminum cans (one inside of the other) to make ice cream and it worked but it was 30-45 minutes of rolling.

Elizabeth said...

Those last two sentences made me giggle.

patty said...

i L*O*V*E candy... the colors, textures, shapes and sizes. (although, i don't really make it)

can't wait to see how your taffy turns out!

Jessa said...

I whipped up a boatload of pinafores yesterday from your precious pattern. They are fabulous. I blogged about them and you today! Thanks for the great ideas!