Sunday, July 04, 2010

we call it sea foam

Seaform 4th of July gifts

Happy Fourth! I hope you are having a festive day with lots of sunshine and treats.

I have a couple little goodies to offer you on this fine holiday. The two hundred and thirty-fourth birthday of our Independence.

First and foremost,  I want to share with you a little recipe of an all-time favorite candy of mine. It's an old fashion candy, and I like to think an all-American candy but, alas, its origins are unknown. However, the city of Buffalo New York has taken claim to it.  But truth be told, the recipe has been made all over the globe and has various names.

It is known as Violet Crumble or Honeycomb in Australia, Cinder Toffee in England, Sea Foam in the United States' Pacific Northwest, Molasses Puffs in St. Louis, Missouri, Hokey-Pokey in New Zealand and Fairy Food in Chicago and Wisconsin.

I've been wanting to make this recipe for some time now and I thought that, by golly, if the Fourth of July isn't a good time for sea foam candy then what is?

So here it is. A recipe that I hope you make and love as much as I do.

Sea Foam Candy

1 c. sugar
1 c. Karo syrup, light
4 tsp. sifted baking soda
2 bags of chocolate chips

Heat sugar and syrup on medium heat to 290 degrees, using candy thermometer. Remove from heat. Briskly stir in sifted soda. And I do mean briskly. This recipe is like a science experiment. As soon as you add the soda the sugar puffs up like mad. Pour onto a three foot strip of aluminum foil shiny side up. Cool completely. Cut or break into pieces. Melt chocolate. Dip sea foam pieces into chocolate and cool on wax paper.

There are lots of different, more precise recipes. Some use vinegar which I think might make and consistency a little more dense. I found this recipe worked pretty good and the candy was delicious.

I packaged it up special for my loved ones.  

The second item of business today is another necklace that I am previewing here on the blog before I list it in the shop. I had several girls contact me about the last necklace after it was already reserved so I thought I'd offer another one. I am thinking that I might preview my jewelry here on Suaviloquy more often. After all, if one of my readers wants some Secondsister goodness, then she should get first dibs.

This piece is called "Teal Lagoon". It ties with a ribbon so it is adjustable. It is backed with cream leather. It is $70. Same as last time, if you want me to reserve it for you, leave a comment. I will be listing it in the shop on Tuesday.

Teal Lagoon Fiber Necklace

Now get out there and eat yourself a burger. Or if you are a veggihead, an apple pie. For heaven's sake do something American!

Happy 4th of July


Anonymous said...

I am in love with this necklace as well! Ah! Decisions! I want it!!

Tara (

PaperPumpkin said...

Happy Fourth of July to you! I think this is what we call Sponge Candy here in the Buffalo, NY area!! Yummmm I LOVE it dipped in orange-chocolate!

Michelle Hill said...

I need that matches polka dot whimsy.. :)

april said...

Sorry guys this necklace has sold, but watch for more. I will continue to post them to my blog before they hit the store so my readers will get first chance to buy.

Deborah said...

that candy sounds yummy and the packaging is just to cute! but it's that necklace that really made my heart skip a beat!