Thursday, July 29, 2010

mindy's music

I have a friend. Her name is Mindy Gledhill. She is lovely in every way. Mindy is an indie singer/songwriter and a mother. I think that pretty much makes her Wonder Woman.

Yes, I checked the Official Super Hero manual and she definitely qualifies for Wonder Woman status. And here I sit, stuck in Etta Candy status.

Mindy's new album is going to be released in one week. I am lucky. Mindy sent me one in the mail early. I know, don't hate me. Just let me feel special for a week okay?

So I opened my mail box and there is was. I raced into the house like someone might jump out at any minute only to tackle me to the ground and steal away with my precious package. It was all that I knew it would be. I danced barefoot in my kitchen with my babies. We twirled.

Mindy's music makes you feel that something magic might happen at any minute. It's like looking up at speckled light shimmering through swaying branches. I think my heart actually leaves my chest and flutters around the room when I hear Mindy sing.

Mindy's album release concert is August 2nd. If you live in the Provo, Utah area, get your hiney to the Covey Center for the Arts at 7:30. I do so wish I was going. Just a bit far for me to go on a Monday night.

But nevermatter. I'm one of the special ones. I got my CD a week early.

If you want to experience the happiness that is Mindy Gledhill's new album, click on over to her blog and you can listen to the entire CD.

Thanks Mindy, for being Wonder Woman so the rest of us can feel a little magic in our mortal lives.


Pam said...

Mindy's music is inspirational! Thank you for sharing her link. I can't wait until the CD is released!
and by the way..... I always look forward to reading your daily blog musings. My children are in their early twenties now, but they too are very close in age. You make me laugh and it brings back so many memories for me. Baby puke and all!

Rounak said...

The music is fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

Nash said...

such a small small world. i was in her married student ward at byu. even sang one time in church with her, she probably doesn't remember. i need that cd.
so cool.

Lesley said...

I downloaded her cd the day it came out. What a sweet sweet voice. Thank you for the suggestion. Have a beautiful day!

John Webster said...

I just got the CD in the mail today. Ever since listening to Mindy Gledill's previous album, "Feather in the Wind," I have been eagerly awaiting this new album. Mindy is a gifted and inspired songwriter and vocalist. With inspiring lyrics and catchy tunes, she is able to captivate her audience and give them an astounding performance. Every single song on the CD was spectacular (and I can not say that about other artists). The songs are mesmerizing, uplifting, and always put me in a better mood. Indeed, the best LDS vocalist I have heard in decades.