Friday, July 09, 2010

the good, the bad and the frustrating

Red and Grey

Today I'm loving:

The above color combination.
Listening to the Bird and the Boy laugh together in the other room.
Polymer clay.
New red patent leather shoes.
Thai coconut curry soup.
News that my sophomore nephew will play varsity quarterback this year.
The sound the Little Mister makes when he sucks a pacifier.
Pecans strait out of the freezer.
The artwork of C.S. Neal.

Today I am not, no how, loving:

Trying to learn photoshop and how to use my new Mac at the same time.
Crappy weather.

Here's a first attempt at using photoshop to color my illustrations. I tried to use my color combo of the day but I think I failed.  If I had any time to spare I would enroll in a class, but as it were, I must learn on my own by trial and err. And that, is the source of much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.

girl with balloon


From the Kitchen said...

Which Photoshop did you get? The $2000+ or the $49.00 one? I love my new Mac--well, it's about six months old. I use the photo "thing" on it but am thinking about Photoshop--the cheapie.


Becky the Design Lady said...

No matter which version of Photoshop you are learning, there a ba-zillions of tutorials online to teach you how to use your spiffy tools.
Your illustrations are so very very cute - if you don't already have one, I see a Wacom tablet in your future.

Elizabeth said...

Just a touch more gray and you'll have it. The red is wonderful!