Thursday, July 15, 2010

renegade 2010

I'm going. Are you?

And if you aren't are you available to babysit?

I'm not going as a vendor because I am saving up all my goodies for Spark and the Holiday shopping season. 

Maybe next year. When I have two toddlers. Yeah right.


From the Kitchen said...

If I weren't in Chicago, I'd be there--at the fair, not babysitting. I've "been there" with two toddlers, saved only by Pampers!!


PaperPumpkin said...

I want to go SO badly! I almost booked a flight to go to renegade San Francisco, too....Oh I AM jealous! Tell us all about it, please take photos, and let us know what you splurge on!♥

Jen said...

I will babysit. My how we all love to leave our babes with complete strangers but I'm practically their Aunt - I know their nicknames. Have fun! Wish I were going!