Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a little locket love

When I was a teenager, I wore a locket everyday. For a long time it was empty, with no photo inside. Eventually I got a boyfriend and I put his picture in it.

He cheated on me and made out with a eighth grader. It broke my heart and I removed his photo and cut it into tiny bits. We reconciled but not really. I mean, how do you really get over something like that when you are sixteen and naive to the cruelty of the world?  

Boys came and went but the locket stayed empty.

And then I met Sugar Daddy. Journey's end in lovers meeting. Bill Shakespeare said that. My husband's photo is still in it today.

I just wish I could find the damn thing.

And yes, more polymer clay jewelry from yours truly.

Again, if you see jewelry posted here that you would like, please leave a comment with email or contact info and I will reserve it for you. The necklace above is $35.


Anonymous said...

I love lockets, and every single one that you've posted today is gorgeous! I'm swooning! :)
Wishing you a lovely day,

margie said...

{that's hip for stunning}
a girl's gotta try to stay hip right?
love it...
kiss kiss
ps 8th grader...lame-ass

Dawn said...

I love that locket! I'd love if it was in yellows & pinks, it would match perfectly for my daughter's upcoming first birthday. If the mood strikes you to do it in those colors, please contact me, I would buy the very first one!! Probably 2, because I know my Mom would want one to match since this is her first grandchild. =D <3

Natalie* said...

i want that necklace - how long is the chain? let me know if it's still available!
plumeriaprincess at gmail dot com

Cindy at LottieBird said...

you may not have the locket, but you have the sugar daddy.

And, really, how do you have time to do all of this?!

And write about it?!

I seriously have some time management issues!

Dawn said...

Apparently I did not leave my e-mail address... LOL!

dawnnikol at gmail dot com