Tuesday, July 06, 2010



1. Good Morning Friday, 2. close up doodles, 3. no. 6, 4. red stitches, 5. aqua pincushion | detail, 6. Cute Cupcake, 7. penelope waits bunting 3, 8. Gardenia/ Indigo Dyed, 9. teapot close-up, 10. Russian doll, 11. a quarter purse for Olivia, 12. Les Coquelicots Peu Sous Le Nuage Gris 03

I have a little idea rattling around in my brain. It's been brewing, cooking and bubbling, percolating to the surface for some time now.  It involves embroidery and my own little illustrations. 

Stay tuned.


Stef said...

I like it. Whatever it is, I like it. Your illustrations are so whimsical and fun and somehow, April, you make embroidery current and beautiful. Can't wait to hear!

Jan said...

Oh, I think it would be an excellent idea. Embroidering you illustrations would be so much fun.

From the Kitchen said...

I have an idea too. My idea is that you offer your wonderful illustrations on things: pillow cases, tea towels, t-shirts, baby things, etc. Then I purchase them and embroider them. I learned to embroider before I was nine years old. I was good then so I must be great now. I just can't find anything that I want to embroider. I don't know, for sure, what your idea is. What do you think of mine?