Monday, June 27, 2011

a sticky situation

Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want.

The first batch of taffy was cherry flavored and hard as a rock.  It went into the trash.

I followed the directions.  I did exactly what the experts told me to do.  It was frustrating, and when I could see where it was headed I cursed and stood in my kitchen with my fist on my hip trying to think where I must have gone wrong.

This is where I realized that baking candy is just like everything else in life.  If you desire to do something extraordinary, you must pay the piper.  There is a reason that most people buy salt water taffy.

In case you're wondering, the piper is paid with time and persistence.

Very few people fall into success.  Very few.  Some would have you believe that it was easy.  They don't admit to toil and strife. But I'm here to say that everything I've done in my life that has brought me  big rewards has cost dearly. The piper has grown rich on my exertions.  I think he has plans to retire to Dubai.

So I tightened my apron strings and went back to work.  This time I cooked the candy slower.  I made sure the sugar crystals were all melted. I enlisted the Sugar Daddy to help pull the candy.  It was pineapple flavor.

And we made taffy. And it's delicious.

But still, it is a little stiffer than what I want. It's dangerous for dental work.

So I will try again.  I will gather up the experience I have gained and put it to use.  I will try to be patient and persistent. Hopefully I will be rewarded.

I think the next batch will be apple.  Or maybe watermelon.

I wish all of life's problems could be so sweet.


Jamie said...

I've been eating salt water taffy all weekend. I'm lucky enough Salt Lake City has at least 5 places that make their on-site. Yours looks gorgeous - whether or not it yanks out those fillings!

Rebecka said...

Your candy looks so lovely!

I love making taffy and all kinds of other sugary goodness.
Maybe you already know this, but be sure to test your candy thermometer. If it's off by a few degrees, your taffy will overcook and turn into a nice water-soluble doorstop.

Kristi Kroeger said...

watermelon and when you need a taste tester - I'm in. The dental work is minimal.

Sabrina said...

We'd always make this with my grandma and yeah you have to pull it A LOT or it will be hard but it always seemed like hers was always harder than store bought no matter how careful we were. Good luck!

Faux Martha said...


patty said...

well you certainly packaged it up so pretty... and right there makes me want a piece!