Monday, October 03, 2011

wilt where you're planted

Not to brag or anything, but I live in heaven.

Carlsbad is a little sea side town just north of San Diego.  It's a hot surf spot.  It's beachy with a nice twist of art and sophistication.

I love it here.


I miss the Fall. We don't really have seasons per say. We have nice weather year round. We don't buy school clothes because our kids wear shorts through the winter.

We went swimming on Saturday. October 1st.  And we will swim throughout the winter months.

But I do miss the Fall. I miss the crispness. I miss the magnificent color on the trees.  I miss sweaters and tights.

After all these years living in California, I've learned to make my own Fall.  I start to spend more time in the kitchen. I decorate for each holiday. I buy pine cones. Yes. Buy them.

I don't need anymore blooms where I'm planted, I need fallen leafs and bare twigs.

I think I will cut some out of paper today.

If you are participating in an neighborhood boo treat swap, I made a free printable for you send along with your treats.  Just click on the image and print the full size.  Enjoy!

Happy October!


Elizabeth said...

I agree about fall -- somehow flip flops and tee-shirts in October is just too too much. But it's really the ONLY season that I miss and the missing is only "slightly."

Your Halloween decorations are wonderful -- I'm looking forward to printing some of them out!

the emily said...

I wouldn't miss fall one bit if I could skip winter entirely. You're so lucky!

K said...

I've always wanted to do the door-ditching ever-expanding treat thing. Thanks for the push/note.

From the Kitchen said...

We lived in La Jolla for many years and I missed the seasons. People thought I was crazy when I complained about the weather being boring after awhile. Alas, I still haven't gotten back to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia but Chicago's seasons really keep me on my toes. I do love going back to La Jolla to visit.


chrissy said...

i am loving your version...honestly the ones that have been left on my doorstep have truly been SPOOKY. thanks for sharing and i have to agree...this is my first fall back in utah after NO FALL for 14 years and i am eating up every minute.