Thursday, November 03, 2011

good news

You know what I like?

Good news.

In elementary school we would have the good news moment over the intercom right before the pledge of allegiance.  "Mrs. Egbert is going to have a baby boy! And Karen McDougal from Mr. Reese's third grade class is going to the regional spelling bee championships!"

What a way to start the day.  And I didn't even like Karen McDougal.

Sometimes I wish that as I eat my breakfast an intercom would crackle on and give me the good news moment.

"Thomas scored 95% on his book report! Michael Chabon has a new book out! Frankie Valentine didn't bite anyone yesterday! Now please stand for the pledge of allegiance..."

And I would, because I'm patriotic like that.

But, it seems, good news is a little scarce these days.  This depression we are in, well, it's a little depressing.

But I know a secret. A little good news, if you will. You don't really need someone to tell you what is good about life.  Look around.

I am.

Everyday I'm looking around me at all the goodness that I have to be grateful for. I'm practicing daily gratitude.  If I had an intercom to speak into, I'd broadcast my good news to all my friends every morning.

Alas, no one has seen it fit to hand me an intercom.

But I have social media.  Join me this month in practicing daily gratitude. Everyday find something that is good in your life. Post it to Instagram, facebook or Twitter. Use the hashtag #dailygratitude.

Come on. Join in.  I wanna hear your good news.


laurie said...

now that's a post I needed to hear, in the middle of family fued and feeling depressed, need to realize that I don't need to deal with their crap...sorry for the bluntness but that's exactly it...hope November brings good things for you :)

onehm said...

I loved that you started this on Instagram- I've been doing it myself and am so happy that I'm participating. Love this. Thank you for inspiring me.

Heidi said...

April--this is off-topic, but I was wondering what kind of blocks you use for stamp carving? You said in our class at Spark that you order them from Blick, but they carry several kinds and I'm not sure what to buy. I want to order some for me and for gifts, so I want to make sure I choose the good stuff that won't crumble! Thanks! Heidi

Jenn said...

Hi April, Today I am thankful for Sunshine!!!! Oh how I LOVE the sunshine!

Marci said...

i am grateful for your blog to read.;D you make me smile.