Monday, December 12, 2011

hello doll

Do you remember the little people? I am so sad that Fischer Price changed the look of the little people.  My sister and I spent hours, hours, playing with our little people. We had the house and the camper. The camper had a canoe on top that was a coveted item.

The newer little people are much fancier. They have arms.

But I've never really liked fancy toys.  I'm much more interested in sturdy.  And imagination inspiring.

I wanted Amelie to have some little people. But I didn't want to pay for vintage ones. So I decided to make my own. Handmade is always better anyway!

This project cost me about five dollars.  You can buy the wooden dolls here on Etsy or there are also a lot of other sources online.  They aren't hard to paint. I just used the acrylic paint  I had in my studio. You can be as fancy or simple as you like.  I gave them a clear gloss coat to set the paint.

I hope she loves them like I loved my little people.  I plan to keep adding to her collection. Maybe throw a few boys in there. 

If you paint your own little people, let me know! I'd love to see them.


Cat said...

loved those fisher price little people
i had the old lady's wooden shoe
ahhhhh...the memories

Love and Light

Elizabeth said...

How beautiful these are! I saw something similar in the December issue of Martha Stewart -- they were painted and put on top of a gorgeous winter wonderland cake.

I so envy you your artistry --

lorie said...


Anonymous said...

Those are lovely. Lucky girl!

the emily said...

My parents still have the little people and barn from the '70s and they're in perfect condition. I totally dibs them. My friend JUST bought those little wooden people from Etsy and we're painting them next week. Can't wait!

Faux Country said...

Please tell me that you make these for sale???
They are so adorable. Do you, do you? :)

Kari said...

I wonder how these would look painted like Star Wars characters. Or the cast of UP! Or ninjas. Hmm.

Stef said...

Mine would definitely, DEFINITELY not turn out like yours. Dreamy! If you ever do sell them, please please let me know. My girls would love them, especially my littlest, she carries the tiniest toys and dolls around with her everywhere.

My mom still has the little people and the Sesame Street clubhouse. They just don't make toys like that anymore. My girls get to play with them over at Grammy's and they're still favorites.

Shelb and Ry said...

beautiful! I love them!


Alessandra said...

I still have the little people I used to play with my sisters when we were kids!! we had a huge collection (I didn't mention before, but we are 4 imagine!).....What a big big nostalgia of that lovely and playful moments with them (sisters and little people!)!! you are really creative and good!
love,xxx Alessandra

TracyMB @ Crow's Feet Chic said...

Oh, oh, oh.... love that long pony and the braids. Your people are wonderful. I love coming across lonely old little people in a thrift store... they always have a home with me. :)