Wednesday, December 21, 2011


My children are a rowdy bunch these past few days.  Christmas is in their blood, coursing through their veins. Christmas, and lots of sugar.

My "Peace on Earth" mantle decor has done little to nothing by way of curbing the bickering.   

The babies, better known as The Disaster Duo, have been in true form.  It's a wonder the house is still standing.  I'm considering calling up the Navy and offering their services. I have this idea that it would be a great way to train a Navy Seal how to be vigilant. An afternoon with my two darlings should do the trick.

The Boy seems to have suffered some sort of hearing loss. He has been talking so loud I can hardly carry on a conversation with him.  And he bounces when you talk to him. Bounces.

It's all very tiring.

Yesterday I screamed, "Can I just get a moments peace?!"  

Which was instantly embarrassing once it flew out of my mouth because I felt like my mother, incarnate, standing there in my apron with a wooden spoon, saying such things!

But I guess what I'm learning is that having peace, and having peaceful are two different things.

My home was peaceful prior to the arrival of my children. And clean. I want everyone to know that at one point I had a clean home.  But now, now that my children are all here, I have peace. 

When I watch my children enjoy the Christmas season, as noisy and hectic as it is, I have peace.  

Peace. What a gift. 

Most likely, I don't know you. My friends and family seldom read my blog. But I do appreciate the people who come here and read my drivel.  You make me feel normal. And human. You are supportive of all my crazy ideas and ventures.  I really do think about you, and the lives you might lead, and the things you might dream about and hope for.

I hope you have peace in your heart this year.  And if you do not, I hope that you will hang on. Just hang on.  It will find you.  

Peace comes and goes. I don't knows what lies ahead for me. But this is life.

Belle vita.


Anonymous said...

dear April, i have been reading your gorgeous blog for years now and i seldom comment (sorry) but you should know how wonderful your "drivel" is. your distinction between peace and peaceful is perfect. i hope you have a wonderful holiday with all your kidlets.

Emily Foley said...

Oh heavens. The Christmas hyper is like nothing I've ever seen in my children. And it's been going all month long! I'm wishing for a little peace as well. But I would even settle for just 5 minutes of quiet.

Cheryl G. said...

I absolutely LOVED this post!

Laurie LaRiviere said...

lovely post April, and I do read your blog, every day, it's one of my faves, you have a way with words that is magical, I love it!! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, should be a fun morning with the little ones, it's so fun when they are small...

Sharon said...

Oh about when you just want to go pottie...and they slide their fingers under the door and wiggle them at you! My boys are college boys now, but I still have nightmares of those little wiggling fingers!!! Peace-may the Source of that Peace reign in your heart today! Blessings!

Elizabeth said...

Peace to you, too. I nearly always find a bit of peace when I come here to your cozy spot. I hate that you call what you write "drivel." Not true.

TracyMB @ Crow's Feet Chic said...

Love your peaceful collage! I just found you a couple of months ago but you're on my page of favourites. I don't make it every day, but LOVE days like today when I scroll down and see so many lovely things to catch up on. Wishing you peace and fun over the holidays... and now I've got visions of my mother in her apron wielding the wooden spoon! :0

Jacqueline said...

LOL Fantastic post! Your blog isone of my favs, for many reasons, beautiful to see and beautiful(and funny) to read!

I had 3 children under 5...its crazy land! We thrive on chaos :D

They are bigger kids now, the house is still messy but just that little more peaceful and quiet. But I still can't go to the toilet without having to have a conversation with someone :D

Enjoy :)

annie said...

April, this made me laugh and smile and feel normal too. thanks : )

Hi Octane Jewelry said...

I hear yah sister.

tollestrupfamily said...

I read it!

nichole said...


thanks for letting me know I wasn't the only one who screamed a bit yesterday...

love knowing i'm real. not just real ornery...