Monday, March 19, 2012

introducing: Prospector Artisan Workshops

If you have been a reader here for much time at all, you know I have a deep seated passion about using creativity.  I also have something inside me that pushes me to share this with others. 

I have been working on an idea now for some time. I wanted to put together some classes to introduce people to different mediums. I wanted to get people using their hands. Making things.  I wanted to inspire creativity.

Thus, Prospector Artisan Workshops was born. Why Prospector? Because finding what you really love, what makes you giddy and excited about life, sometimes takes a little exploration.  Sometimes you have to chip away for a while before you find gold. My goal is to make the chipping a whole lot of fun.

I am nervous and excited and more than anything, proud of the workshops we have to offer. They are diverse and relevant and most of all they are super great projects.  We will have four classes: letterpress, silversmithing, silk screening and pop art panels.

I hope you will consider joining me and the other Prospector teachers for a weekend of old school, hands-on arts and crafts.


abode said...

Boy, would I love to come - I need a little more lead time to dot my Is and cross my Ts - hoping for next time. smooches

robyncal said...

Amazing classes, so wish I could make it, my niece is getting married that weekend, drats I hope you will do it again!!!

jamie said...

Sounds amazing,April. How one would love to attend!