Tuesday, March 13, 2012

easy paper basket tutorial

Ever need a last minute gift? Seriously. Who doesn't?  

I wish I was better about thinking ahead, but alas, I have very few brain cells functioning at this juncture.  

However,  I've got it covered with this little DIY.  This may be the easiest paper craft I've done all year.

It's just cut, sew and glue. Tada! Your done!

Here's what you need:
-Enough paper to cut six sides and one bottom from the pattern. Use at least 80lb paper for this project so it is sturdy. Most craft paper that is printed on both sides is heavy enough.
-sewing machine
-hot glue gun
-items to decorate your basket (optional)

Using the pattern, cut out six sides and one bottom.  You can enlarge or reduce the pattern to your liking. If you print it out full sized you will have roughly a 6" and 4 1/2" basket.

Start with two sides, line them up and sew them together with an eighth inch seam. Pay attention to what patterns you want on the outside of your basket. Wrong sides go together when you are sewing.  Keep adding sides until you have them all sewn together, then sew the first and last sides together so you have a circle.  Fit your bottom piece down into the basket. It may not go all the way to the bottom. That's okay. You can trim it to fit exactly where you want. Using your hot glue gun, run glue around the edges of the bottom to adhere it to the side of the basket. It may be too tight to get your gun down into the basket. Just drop the glue down in and use a dowel or something to get it where you want it. It doesn't matter if it looks good because it will be covered.

That's it. Your done! Embellish it if you wish. You could add a ribbon handle or other doodads. I think it would be cute to use scallop scissors to cut the top edges. I used Easter grass, but you could also use tissue paper to line your basket.

Then to the goodies! Oh my. The possibilities are endless. Something sweet!

And in case you are wondering...

The tall pink basket was made from The Girl's Paperie paper by Margie Romney-Aslett and my digital photo elemets come via Rhonna Designs

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Laurie LaRiviere said...

April, this is so cute! I love paper baskets, going to try this one, thanks so much!! now I want a chocolate bunny...

lorie said...

You are awesome.