Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the workshops: silver smithing

I met Canela Lemoine a couple of years ago at Spark. We had an instant connection because a) she lives in the town where my husband grew up and b) she is also a self-taught silversmith with a love for cowboy boots and embroidery.

The thing about Canela is she is hard core. You would never know this by meeting her. She is soft spoken and cheery. But the truth is she works hard. Really hard. Her business is absolutely booming right now and she does all the work by herself, by hand. With six kids and a husband still in school.

Like I said, hard core.

I haven't been doing a whole lot of silver smithing lately and Canela is one of a very small handful of people that I know will teach silver smithing better than I ever could.  She is passionate about her work. She likes sharing this passion. She is patient and practiced at teaching (six kids remember?).

Her class will rocks your socks. No doubt about it.

Students will be making a wide (10mm) band. Canela will be teaching stamping, texure, soldering and finishing. Everyone will leave with a beautiful, personalized ring.

During our lunch breaks, Canela and I will be happy to answer questions about starting an at home business and balance of work and family life. 

If you are considering taking the Prospector Workshops, don't wait to register. We can only accept a limited number of students.


Laurie LaRiviere said...

gosh I really wish I could do this class, I love silver jewelry and would love to learn...can't handle or afford another hobby now...someday when the kids move out and all our money doesn't go to

Retro Dolly said...

Wow, this jewelry is delish! Would love to get my hands on some of this!

Marci said...

urgh... i wish i could come! i love that lady and she is, by far, one of the hardest working women i know!! she is amazing!

samantha jane said...

I am REALLY thinking about it! I even looked at plane tickets... :)