Sunday, July 27, 2008

design sunday

Okay, I need to order me up some of these little badges. I think I will sew them onto my bathrobe, next to the grape jelly stain. I thought about getting a canvas tote to sew them onto, but then I would be walking around in public with a breast on my bag. And besides, the breast badge is the one that I think needs a little tweaking ( not that way! get your mind out of the gutter!). What I mean is, here you have a badge for breast feeding and the breast they chose to represent this is still full and pointing up. Some thing's wrong with that.

Motherhood is a thankless pursuit. Reward yourself.

Also, I have decided to extend the Top Rockstar contest (see previous post) until the launch date of September 1st. Below you will find a graphic for you to use as a link in your side bar or main text, so come on people, get blogging!


Anonymous said...

Hey I'm game! I'll post your link and graphic on my blog. Not that I think people even look at my blog but a friend in need... ha ha!

Michelle said...

I got mine up! It's in my sidebar, at the very top. I will probably do a post about it in the future too.