Tuesday, July 15, 2008

rock on

I have been blessed/cursed with an entrepreneurial husband. Ben and his best friend are forever coming up with new business ideas. Thing is- most of their ideas are really good. They formed a company a few years ago that taught new real estate agents how to understand and fill out the necessary documents when buying or selling property. It went gang busters until the housing market went down the toilet. No more swanky dinners for us. We are back to eating at dives. Oh well.

Anyway- they have a new brain child and they are launching it this week. As I write they are in San Francisco handing out fliers at the American Idol tryouts.

Top Rock Star is an social networking site where aspiring musicians can upload their work and have it judged by their peers. Each month a cash prize is given to the winner in each genre category. That winner then advances to the finals, which take place every six months.

It only costs five bucks a month and you can upload as many songs as you like. If you are a closet rock star, try it out.

Oh, and I'd like to put out a big smooch to my Sugar Daddy in San Fran. Thanks for working so hard so I can live my rock-n-roll life style.

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averysmama said...

Funny you said that we must become fast friends, as I was thinking the same.
Sounds like a fab idea! I hope it takes off.

PS The peaches look delish!