Monday, July 21, 2008

rising gas, tumbling kids

Bloody Hell. It now costs me a hundred dollars to fill my gas tank. Granted, I drive an SUV (although a small one) when I probably should have bought a Civic. But I hate Civics, and anyway, I buy a lot of plants and crap that takes up space. But this is reedickuloous! I have had thoughts of riding my bike to run my errands. Thing is, where would I put the groceries? In one of those cute little baskets made to fit a chihuahua? That's a no go. And what about the boy? Am I to purchase a kid carrier and chauffeur him around like he's some sort of prince in a rickshaw? At least we wouldn't fight over his window being down. I simply can't take the thumping noise of an open back seat window.

So for now, I guess I'll just cue up my errands and take the gouge at the pump. Drat!

Thom is participating in a tumbling camp this week. I signed him up hoping that he would be returned to me in a near comatose fatigued condition but when I went to pick him up, he bounced up to me with the most absurd grin on his face and announced that he wanted to go to the pool. Drat!


Natalie Hutchison said...

Oh Thomas, how I love that little rodent of yours. The party looked fantastic. I wish I could have gotten some honey to you for raffle. I am pretty sure it would have brought in the most money.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I tried the whole wear your kid out in gymnastics before. Same result!