Tuesday, July 29, 2008

hello sam i am

Let me first just say that I realized I have become a true Californian when this morning's earthquake (5.8) caused me no concern, just irritation for making me smudge my mascara.

I have a wonderful friend that just had her second son on Friday. They named him Sam. Good name don't you think? It's a strong name. It says, "I'm capable." Anywho- I crocheted around the edge of two pieces of flannel and embroidered a matching onesie. Because losing the lime light so startling quick can be rather tumultuous for older siblings, we thought we would ease the way with a stuffed sock monkey for older brother Jack. I think he liked it. I have a thing for classic toys. They seem somehow, better, more reliable than the toys kids have now.

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Amyesq said...

Oh yay! Must call her to congratulate!

Laura said...

Love it! I have a thing for Sock Monkeys. I just ordered a Sock Monkey print for Cai's room -- his room is almost done! Now, we just need him to fill it.

Apryl said...

And the creativity just keeps "oozing" out of you. That is adorable!